Forgive Me Daddy For I Have Sinned : Brat Internals 17

by Tori Westwood

When your Daddy’s a priest you kind of live a sheltered life, but my friends are all talking about men and fucking and I get very curious indeed.  I do something very naughty alone in my room one night and decide I need to confess.

I head straight to Daddy and tell him everything, but I never expected this reaction.  He’s talking to me in the confession booth and telling me to show him exactly what I did.  Soon he’s moved over on to my side and things are getting even more sinful.  Read how he pumps his hot cum inside my virginal sex.  Forgive me father!


“Have you ever … ”

“No, Daddy,” I confessed.  “Never.  Just my finger.”

I heard a sound on his side of the divide followed by silence.

“Daddy?” I asked, moving my face closer to the mesh between us.

No response came.

“Daddy?” I whispered louder, and then the cubicle flooded with light as the door opened beside me.

He was stood there in his green and white regalia, taking up much of the doorway with his big imposing frame.  Outside of the church Daddy spent a lot of his time in the gym, competing in various fun-runs and generally being the model citizen.

He stepped right in and sat close beside me in the tight booth and I made as much room for him as I could.

“Did you hear me, Daddy?” I whispered, adjusting to the dark.

“I did,” he said, “but I want you to tell me again.”


“Tell me again, Meg.  Be as descriptive as you can be.”


“Well, I pulled down my panties—”

“What color were they?”

“I pulled down my red panties all the way down to my ankles and—and I sat back in the chair and started to finger over my petals—”


“My pussy, Daddy.  It was so wet from watching the porn.  It soaked my fingers when I pushed them inside.”

Daddy took in a deep breath and I noticed his robe shifting.

“Are you okay, Daddy?”

“Show me,” he said simply.

“Show you?  Show you what?”

“Show me what you did?”

“You want to see me do it?” I asked, confused but curious.

“I do,” he said stoically.  “Show me.”

I stood up in the booth and unfastened my jeans nervously, dragging them down my legs and then feeling the cool wood against my bare ass when I sat down again.

Daddy’s robe was moving in and out as I started to put on a show for him.

“Like this,” I said, putting my finger on my pussy and feeling that same familiar feeling of bliss all over again.

As I stroked it I let out a long sighing breath and Daddy did too, moving his robe upwards quickly.

My eyes gasped open, wondering if I was really seeing things right.  In Daddy’s hand was a long, fleshy cylinder that could only be one thing.

“Daddy!” I gasped, watching his hand shift up and down his length.

“Did it look like this?” he asked, nodding down.

“It did, Daddy.  It was just as big!” I marveled.

“Take a good look, Meg,” he said.  “This is your lesson.”

“My lesson?”

“Your lesson in sex, Meg.  You must learn.”

“Teach me, Daddy,” I begged, ogling his thick manhood.  “Teach me with your cock.”


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