Forced to Fuck My Family

by Jade Summers

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I'm a twenty-four-year-old guy, and I'm a virgin. Yeah, I know that's not very cool, but I'm ok with it. But you know who's not ok with me being a virgin? My sister and my mom and dad. They're always asking me if I've finally had sex yet, and you know what? It's none of their business. But one night they make it their business when they take me to some crazy party. A group of naked people tie me up on a bed in the middle of a room and my whole family goes to town on me in front of them. They force my body to respond to them in ways I never wanted it to. My family took away my virginity and now I can't ever get it back.


I flinch when I feel my sister’s hand on my cock. I’m struggling against the cuffs, but it’s no use. They’re attached to the bed frame with chains and there’s no way in hell I can rip them loose. I’m trapped in this room full of naked people, and on this bed with my sister, who’s playing with my cock.

It’s not fair, because I can’t control my body. I can’t stop myself from getting hard.

My sister is working her hand up and down my shaft, and occasionally she brushes the extra sensitive skin on the head. It’s a feeling I’d never felt before, not by someone else’s hand anyway, and it just about drives me out of my mind.

I can’t move my head very far down, but I can see my sister sitting there between my legs, and I can see the pink head of my cock, and I watch as she starts to lower her face.


I close my eyes and hold my breath as I feel my sister’s tongue on the tip of my cock. I can’t believe this is happening. And I can’t believe how good it feels. A muffled groan escapes from my mouth as my sister sucks the entire head in.

I can’t breathe. And it’s not because of the ball gag in my mouth. It’s because I’ve never felt anything so incredible in my life. But even so, I don’t want this to be happening. I don’t want my sister to play with my cock or take my virginity. And I especially don’t want a crowd of depraved naked people standing around watching this happen.


About the Author

I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

Jade Summers

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