Forced To Breed In The Pound

by Amber FoxxFire

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Jane had never met a dog she couldn’t dominate. But this dog had a secret. One Jane wouldn’t find out until it was too late.


"I'll take him!" Jane said, peering into the cage. "He looks mean enough."

Jane was a tall, slender foxy lady of 18 years. She stood proudly looking at her new dog.

"Ma'am, he's a very dominant dog and..."

"Did you hear what I said? I'm adopting him. No one's telling me what I can and can't do." Jane pounded her fist into her palm.


"Do your job and get him out of of that cage. I'm taking him." Jane huffed, folding her slender arms across her large banana-shaped breasts.

"Yes, ma'am." Kelly, the worker, reluctantly unlocked the cage and slipped the leash around the large Doberman's thick neck. "I'll be at the counter, ma'am."

She handed her the leash and walked out of the room.

Jane smiled and she pulled on the Doberman's leash. He didn't budge.

"Come here, you lousy mutt. You will obey me, understand? I'm the master." Jane wagged her finger at the disobedient canine.


She pulled again, but still the dog wouldn't move.

Jane raised her hand above her head. The dog growled and exposed his gleaming white fangs.

She jumped back, too shocked to utter a word. Jane screamed as he jumped up at her with his bared teeth.

"No!" She held her hands before her as if that would halt him.

He slammed into her, smashing her onto the floor. The dog stood over her growling.

"Okay, boy. Take it easy." She shot him a nervous grin.

He grabbed her shirt and ripped it off her.

"Hey!" Jane yelped in shock.


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