Forbidden Family Sex Vol. IV

by Trisha Treat

4 more erotic stories of forbidden family relations - Daddy and Uncle just can't behave when their daughters and nieces are so irresistibly fertile!





Uncle Fucked My Pregnant Pussy - Jen is pregnant and has been lusting after her Uncle Jason for years. When he takes her home from a check up and offers to rub her feet, Jen can't resist how sweet he is being. Turns out, Uncle Jason has been wanting her for some time too, only he knew he would get her pregnant if he gave in to his desire. Now that there was nothing to lose, Jen and Uncle Jason succumb to their secret lust.

Begging For Daddy's Punishment - 18 year old Riley is obsessed with the fantasy of being spanked and punished by her Daddy - but he has always had a gentle demeanor, seldom reprimanding her. She is determined to drive Daddy to the brink - which she finally does when she acts like a slut in front of the mailman. Daddy's punishment proves to be everything she had dreamed of - and so much more. Will Riley regret being such a brat?


Sex on the Beach with Daddy  - As a graduation present, 18 year old Avery's dad has agreed to take her to a luxurious beach resort.As soon as he sees her in her bikini, Daddy becomes lustful and protective of Avery - and she greatly enjoys the attention. After a few drinks while relaxing on the beach, Daddy takes her to a private cove where they give in to their lusts right on public sand.

Pretending to Sleep While Daddy Fucks Me - Daddy offered to let me live with him while I was in college so that I could save money, but ever since I have been here he has been slipping into my room at night and having his way with me. The truth is, I have been awake and loving it every single time - but I can't let Daddy find out that I know his secret!


About the Author

Hi, I'm Trisha!

I have always believed in the pursuit of pleasure, and my intent is to write stories that will help you do just that. I'm not afraid to write about the forbidden side of sex - those erotic fantasies that are utterly unacceptable but oh- so- persistent when you try to sleep at night.

Go ahead and indulge - get lost in my world of carnal lust and incestuous eroticism.

I hope my stories will help relieve a little pressure, and serve as a reminder that you're not the only one that lusts for the forbidden fruits 😉

Thanks for reading.

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