Fitting Daddy : Daddy’s Creampies 8

by Tori Westwood

Daddy’s ordering a suit online but he needs help measuring himself and Mom’s not around.  It seemed only right that I step in, but being this close to his forbidden length I can’t help but get excited.

If I really want to get the measurements right on his inside leg I’m going to have to take off his pants.  Soon I’m presented with a different kind of length altogether.  I can’t resist!  Read how I make him mine and take his cum inside me.


I was trying not to smile as I kissed him.  The whole thing just felt so incredible.  My tongue wrestled with his and he held a hand to my face.  Somehow the kiss felt more forbidden than anything we’d done so far.

As I writhed on him I felt his big dick touch close to my pussy and I recoiled with nerves.

“Can we Daddy?” I asked, hopeful.  I knew it was wrong but if Daddy gave his permission I’d be much more comfortable with it.

“Yes, honey,” he said simply, kissing me again and using a big hand to squeeze at my ass.

As he did so he teased a finger between my legs and I felt him tickle at the crease of my pussy.  He teased it open gently and probed inside, causing me to melt right then and there.

“The feels nice, Daddy,” I encouraged softly.

He forced a finger inside and I felt a bubble of wetness break and fall out across him.  When Daddy felt it he became even more animated.


“You’re so wet, Roxy,” he whispered, biting my ear as his hands split my ass.

I rose up off his body and straddled him, bunching my titties together between my shoulders as I put my hands on his chest.

“Can you be gentle with me?” I asked innocently.

“Of course, Roxy,” he said, changing his tone suddenly.

“It’s just … it’s my first time,” I confessed.

Daddy expression faltered a little but he held it together.  “I’ll be gentle.”

I lay forward on him again and kept my legs open wide.  Daddy reached a hand down between us and rubbed his cock over my pussy, spreading my juices all around and then sliding his cock into position at the entrance of my tight O.

“Ready?” Daddy said, and I could already feel him pressing himself inside me.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, closing my eyes to concentrate on the sensation of him at my core.

Slowly he pushed forwards and my pussy widened for him until it felt close to snapping.  He slid himself inside as I cried out in pain, feeling his cock slip past my muscle and drive inside me.

“Okay, Rox?” he asked, pausing for a moment.

I took several quick breaths in and out as I tried to relax.

“Keep going, Daddy,” I whispered, swallowing and composing myself.

He pushed upwards and I dropped down on him now too, feeling the full size of his cock as my pussy swallowed it to the hilt.

“It’s so tight, Roxy,” Daddy said with a wince and a deep breath out.


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