Filthy Xmas 20-Pack

by Jade Summers

Just in time for Christmas! My 20 incredibly naughty, Christmas-themed stories for you to devour along with your cookies and cocoa and fruitcake while you sit under the blinking lights of the Christmas tree. In these festively dirty stories daddies, brothers, friends, strangers, co-workers, elves, dogs, and even Santa himself force themselves on unsuspecting girls. There are even a few loving, consensual, animal breeding stories in this bundle too!

Drugged sex, drunk sex, hypnosis, mind control, pregnancy erotica, breeding, birthing, lactation, gang rape, humiliation, masturbation, sex slavery, pregnancy slavery, and food fetish are all themes in this extra filthy collection. The stories in this bundle include everything from Filthy Xmas 4-Packs 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5, 8-Pack, 12-Pack, & 16-Pack. These stories also appear in other specialty collections.

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The 20 stories include:

Daddy Gave Me To His Friends for Xmas
Family Sandwich: Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning
Doggie Gave Me Puppies for Xmas
Caught! On Camera Fucking a Dog (Caught #5)
Hypnotized by Elves
Unwrapping Myself for Daddy
Santa’s Anal Punishment
Daddy’s Xmas Punishment
Cum Dump for the Congregation on Christmas Eve
My Brother Gave Me Cummy Panties for Christmas
Puppy Love: My Christmas Wish
Drugged and Raped at the Christmas Party
Fucked by My Boss's Dogs at the Company Christmas Party
Daddy Milked My Tits on Christmas
God Gave Me Puppies for Christmas
Hypnotized to Masturbate at the Christmas Party
Quarantined and Impregnated by My Dog on Xmas
Quarantined and Impregnated by my Family on Xmas
Gang Raped Under the Tree at the Christmas Party
Drugged and Used by My Daddy on Christmas Morning

From Daddy Gave Me To His Friends for Xmas

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d thought those perky tits pressed up against me so many times while I jerked off at night but never in a million years thought that I could actually pull it off. I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and needed them in my hands. They were fucking perfect. Everything about her was perfect.

I moved my finger down the slick fabric of her panties and pushed underneath it to find her tight little ass hole, then stuck it in. She giggled and squirmed her ass while her tight little muscles gripped the tip of my finger. I couldn’t even breathe I was so fucking turned on.

“Daddy!” she squealed. “That feels so naughty!"

"Yeah, but you like it, don't you?"

Olivia buried her face in my neck and stuck her ass out so I could get more of my finger in. ”Yes, Daddy. It feels really good."

"I'm glad you like it, sweetie, because you’re gonna have something else in there really soon."

"What?" she asked.

“It's a surprise, sweetie. Now come on. Let’s get into the living room."

I walked her into the living room and when they saw her, all four of the guys sat up to attention. I was pretty sure they didn’t think this was really gonna happen. I didn't even think this was gonna happen, myself. But here we were with my half naked daughter in the living room.

From Caught! On Camera Fucking a Dog (Caught #5)

I bent over and did what they wanted. I made it sexy. I spread my legs apart and arched my back so that I was completely exposed to them. I grabbed my tits and squeezed them, then pushed my fingers in between my pussy lips. I glanced up and saw some of the men pulling their hard cocks out and I smiled.

I gyrated my hips like I was dancing to music and before I knew it I felt myself being pushed up onto the table. I was on my hands and knees and I was still moving around like there was music playing somewhere. But there was no music.

I felt the dog behind me and I laughed like I was drunk. They’d put him up on the table and I knew what they wanted. They wanted to watch.

I smiled as I felt the dog’s cold nose sniffing and prodding my pussy and asshole. He licked me again like he had in the parking garage, but this time I could tell he had chosen another hole. His tongue was concentrated on my asshole this time, almost as if it were trying to get it deep inside me.

From Unwrapping Myself for Daddy

"So do you have a present for me, Lisa?"

I looked at my dad for a few seconds and realized what I wanted to give him. I had never had any thoughts like this before in my life but suddenly I wanted to show him my body. All of it. Even the secret part in between my legs. And even though I knew it was wrong for me to take my clothes off and do a sexy strip tease for my dad, that's what I wanted to do.

"I do have a present for you, Daddy. I have something special I want to show you."

"What is it, sweetie?"

That same smile spread across his face, like he knew what it was that I was going to do even before I did it.

I slipped the nighty off of one shoulder and then then the other and I slowly pulled the sheer fabric down over my large breasts, slowly exposing both of them to my daddy. I touched my fingers lightly to both of my hard nipples, then moved my eyes up so that I was looking right at him. His mouth was open and an enormous bulge had formed in his pajama pants.

“Do you like this, Daddy? Do you like your present?"

"Yes, Lisa, I love my present."

"Good, because there's more."

I stood up and let the nighty fall to the floor while I gyrated my hips and wiggled my breasts. Then I hooked my fingers into the sides of my panties and started to pull them down. I swiveled my hips and twirled around so that he could watch my ass as I bent over in front of him.

I slowly pulled my panties down my legs, then stepped out of them and tossed them to the side. I reached reached back and touched myself between my ass cheeks, then spread myself apart so that my pussy was completely exposed to him. I heard a soft groan behind me and turned around to see my dad lying against the back of the couch with his pajama bottoms pulled down. His cock was rock hard and he was touching it while he looked at me."

"Do you have anything else for me, Lisa?” he asked as he stroked himself.

"I do," I said.

From My Brother Gave Me Cummy Panties for Christmas:

“What are you talking about, James? It’s really wrong to find your sister sexy.”

“Don’t you find me sexy?” he asked.

“Well … I mean … yeah, you’re hot and everything … but…”

“See? You feel it too,” he said, pinching both of my nipples. “Come on, it’s Christmas Eve and we’ve had a little bit of wine and were both feeling really good. What could be the harm?”

I didn’t say anything. I was too stunned. I did think James was hot, but I honestly had never even considered having sex with him. But it seemed like he took my silence as a green light, because he immediately brought his lips to mine.

I squirmed under his weight but couldn’t seem to get anywhere. He was much taller and much stronger than I was, and I could feel him using that to his advantage. He was pressing his legs against mine and holding my wrists down as he kissed me, his boozy breath filling the air around me.

“James, stop!” I said as he moved his lips down my face to my neck. “I’m gonna yell for Mom and Dad if you don’t!”

James looked up at me in the dark. His face was just inches from mine but I could barely make out his features, except for when a flicker from the TV caught him just right. And when it did, the look on his face scared me. “No, you’re not,” he said, his voice dark and serious. “If you say another word I’m gonna tell Mom and Dad you’ve been drinking tonight. I’m gonna tell them that you begged me to buy you alcohol and you begged me not to say anything to them.”

“What the hell? Are you serious?”

“Shut up,” he barked. “And if you ever say a thing to them about this I’ll tell Mom and Dad that you begged me to take your virginity too.”

“Wait,” I said. “How do you know I’m still a virgin?”

Even in the darkness I could see a smile curl up on my brother’s face. “I have my ways,” he said. “You keep your mouth shut while I fill that pussy of yours up with my cum.”

From Drugged and Raped at the Christmas Party:

“Where are we going?” I asked. I wasn’t sure if the music had gotten louder, but it felt like the words coming out of my mouth were really quiet. It took a lot of effort just to ask that question, and it didn’t even seem like James had heard me. We kept moving up the stairs, even though I could barely lift my legs. I kept stumbling and falling into James. I couldn’t keep my eyes open either, and before I knew it, I heard the sound of a door closing and felt my body falling onto a bed. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Am I home already?”

“I put you in here so you could relax a little. You too tired to walk all the way home right now.” I heard his voice near my head, but then he sounded further away. “You’re so beautiful, Jen. So fucking hot.”

I felt my boots being pulled off, then hands moving up my legs. It was hard to know what was happening. My head was so foggy and it all felt like a dream. I felt hands on my thighs, lifting my skirt up, and I felt my panties being pulled down. I kept thinking this wasn’t right, but at the same time there was a part of me that didn’t care. I just wanted to float in this drifty feeling forever.

When I felt my shirt and bra being yanked off of me, it snapped me out of the daze I was in. I opened my eyes and saw James on top of me. He still had most of his clothes on, but he was pushing himself in between my legs. “What are you doing?” I asked, trying to keep my eyes open, but they were so heavy. “James, where my clothes? Did you take them off?”

“Just relax, Jen.”

“No,” I said, trying to push him off of me. But it was no use. I felt so weak and was so tired and James was so much stronger. I suddenly realized that I what I was feeling wasn’t just alcohol. James had put something in my drink. He had drugged me and now he was taking advantage of me. I tried rolling to the side but he pushed me down so I couldn’t move.

“I said relax,” James said as he pushed my arms into the mattress. “I know you want this, Jen. You’ve wanted to fuck me since we were in high school. So stop acting like a little princess and spread your goddamn legs.”

From Fucked by My Boss's Dogs at the Company Christmas Party:

I saw the dogs, and I spotted the shreds of my red panties on the ground, but I had a hard time finding my phone. It was darker down there then I had expected, and my phone just blended in. As I walked around in a circle, looking down at the ground, I managed to bump into a huge wind chime that was hanging off of a rafter. It startled me and I fell backward on to my ass.

I was mortified because my legs both went up into the air when I fell. But I wasn’t facing the big glass window to the living room, so I figured no one saw anything. But just as I was starting to get up one of my boss’s big dogs came up to me and stuck his head in between my legs.

“Go away!” I yelled, pushing his head back. But he was so big and strong, and my pushes did absolutely nothing. And even though I was using all the muscles in my legs to clamp my thighs shut, the dog managed to wiggle his head in there until his cold nose was in between my pussy lips.

“Hey!” I yelled. I didn’t really want to alert people in the house to what was going on, but I didn’t know what else to do to get the dog away from me. But as soon as he got my scent there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stop him. He pushed his muscular body in between my legs, spreading them apart, and moved on top of me.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe my bosses dog was mounting me. I tried to roll out from under him and push him away, but no matter what I did he stayed right where he was and growled. Within seconds he found my entrance with his cock, and, before I knew what was happening, the dog was inside me.

From Daddy Milked My Tits on Christmas:

I knelt down on the floor in front of the tree and chose a box with beautiful gold foil wrapping. I remove the paper and opened the box and I felt my face get hot when I realized it was a very sexy, black lace bra.

My first thought was that I should be embarrassed that my daddy bought me a bra, especially one this sexy, but that’s not how I felt. It made me happy that he was so considerate about what I needed. I figured that’s what he must have been thinking when he was staring at my enormous boobs, that I could really use a new one. I felt so lucky to have such a considerate Daddy.

When I took the bra out of the box I realized it was different, though. I’d never seen one like it before. It had fabric over the cups that folded down, exposing the nipple area.

“That’s a special bra, just for you, sweetie,” my daddy said as he watched me examine the piece of lingerie. “Why don’t you try it on?”

“Right now?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, staring into my eyes. “Right now.”

Without thinking, I immediately took my robe off and pulled the tank top up over my head. I thought to myself that it should’ve been strange sitting there in front of my daddy in just a pair of panties, especially with how huge my boobs were now, but it wasn’t. Somehow, it felt totally natural.

I brought the lace fabric to my breasts, then slipped the straps over my shoulders and hooked it in the back without struggling at all. My new bra fit perfectly.

“Come here and sit next to daddy,” he said as he patted the seat next to him on the couch.

From Quarantined and Impregnated by My Dog on Xmas:

It wasn’t until I felt the bed shaking that I opened my eyes. At first I thought there was some kind of earthquake going on, or that someone had smashed their car right into my house. When I finally became aware of my surroundings and figured out what was going on, I screamed.

“Sugar Pie! What the hell are you doing?!”

I pulled up the covers and there he was in between my legs, pumping his cock in and out of me like a jackhammer. I tried to squirm and push him out, but he wouldn’t budge. It was then that I realized he had knotted inside me. His cock had expanded to more than double its size to ensure that his seed fertilized his mate—in other words … me.

I was actually surprised by how full I felt with his knot inside me. By just looking at Sugar Pie’s cock I could see that it was very petite. He was a small dog, after all. But once his knot formed it was an entirely different story altogether. Sugar Pie’s knotted cock was huge and filled me up completely.

From Gang Raped Under the Tree at the Christmas Party:

I looked over at him. My head was swimming and I was having a hard time focusing on anything. “I think I need to sit down.”

JC disappeared for a second, then I felt his arms around my waist, lowering me down to the floor.” Here you go. Best seat in the house.”

When I finally dropped down on my ass I realized he had brought a big beanbag chair over to where we were standing. Now we were both sitting under the Christmas tree. The lights were so beautiful and dazzling, and I felt like I could just sit there and stare at them for hours. I was so dazed and hypnotized by the lights that I had no idea what JC was doing.

“Just relax,” he said, his deep voice melting into me. I could feel him touching me, but it was such a distant sensation. When I finally turned my head and looked at him, he had my legs spread and was crouched down in between them. My skirt was pushed up over my hips and JC’s fingers were running up and down my slit through my leggings.

I heard a ripping sound, then felt cool air rush up against the sensitive skin of my pussy lips.

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I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

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