Filled by Daddy After Ballet : Daddy’s Creampies 15

by Tori Westwood

Daddy’s always been hands-on with me, but in the dressing room after my ballet performance he really takes things to the next level.  I just want to please him—I always have—so when he asks me to undress for him I do exactly that.  Seeing the lust grow in his face is starting to turn me on too, and I can’t deny the naughty thoughts I’m having.  He wants to fuck me and I’m soaking wet for him.  Read how he shoots his seed in my virgin pussy.


“I want you on my cock,” he said, kissing and biting at my ear.

I shuddered with delight at the thought, pushing my ass back on him as his hands searched down my stomach and slid between my legs.

He pushed over the flat, freshly-shaven mound of my pussy and slipped over my swelling clit until he was massaging my groove.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on his finger as it teased the wetness from my O, splaying it back up my lips until my pussy was wet with delight.

He dropped to his knees and kissed down my back, dragging my clothes the rest of the way until they sat just above my socks.  He started to kiss and bite at my ass, opening my cheeks so he could stare into the forbidden recess below.

“That’s a cute pussy,” he whispered, then he pushed his face into my ass and gave it a gentle lick.


I let out a cry and stumbled over to the mirror, putting my hands on the vanity and pushing my ass out even further.  I could feel his nose pressing against my tight knot, and then I felt his tongue searching forwards and tickling up the velvet skin of my virgin sex.

“I want you, Daddy,” I cried, closing my eyes hard with sexual frustration.

“You’re going to get me,” he said, his words echoing out off my skin.

He lunged forwards and sucked at my pussy as I pushed out towards him, bending over as much as I could so he could really get in there.

It felt amazing to have him buried between my cheeks like that, and part of me never wanted it to end.  Before long though his impatience had grown and he was standing up and unfastening his belt.

I quickly set about removing the rest of my outfit, slipping my shoes off and then dragging my socks and one-piece off my ankles.

In my periphery I saw something swing at Daddy’s midriff, causing me to double-take.  When my eyes focused my jaw dropped open as I stared at his forbidden length.  He looked impressively big, his cock lurching out from his body like I was supposed to hang my clothes off it.

I stood up, mesmerized, and bit a finger as I stared at it.  Daddy was still pulling his trousers off his ankles when he caught me watching.

“See something you like?” he said now, composing himself and putting his hands on his hips.  He knew full-well that the sight was turning me on.

He posed for a moment, letting his cock jut out from his body powerfully.  The veins were embossed up its length, feeding the arousal that surged through him.  It looked big and dangerous when he finally wrapped his hands around it, and when he let off one long, slow pump of it through his fist I damn-near lost my mind.


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