Family Spanking 1: Spanked Hard By Daddy!

by Amber FoxxFire

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Tired of his bratty daughter breaking all the rules while under his roof, Don takes matters into his own hands. Being a single dad, he had to put up with Jessica’s insubordination for years. Always walking around in skimpy clothing, showing off her assets and just being a general brat.

He’d had enough.

When he finds that she’s has no panties on, he lays down a firm hand. On her pretty ass.


"Daddy, no!" My daughter cried out as I swatted her 19-year-old ass.

"You're NOT going out dressed like that. Only sluts wear that kind of clothing." It wasn't easy being a single parent. But now that my daughter had turned of legal age, she thought she could flaunt every rule that had been forbidden her all these years.

She thought wrong.

"Take off that mini-skirt right now!" I demanded.

She looked at me, her eyes glowering.

"You know the rules." I said sternly. "When you're living under my roof, you obey my rules." I saw her move her lips, repeating what I said, mocking me.

That's when I decided to teach her a lesson.

"Take. It. Off."

"But dad! You always spoil my fun!" She started to race up the stairs to her room, but I grabbed her arm.

"No, here."

"Daddy!" She protested, but set down her purse and sheepishly stripped out of her mini-skirt. I saw she was wearing no panties.


"There, satisfied now? You perv!" She again started for the stairs, but I stepped in her way.

"As a matter of fact, no, I'm not satisfied. You've disobeyed me enough. It's time you learned your lesson." I put my hands on my hips and stared at her.

She smirked. "What are you going to do?" She mocked. "Spank me? Huh?" She wiggled her bare ass in my face and then yelped when my large, dominant hand came down swiftly and decisively upon her pretty bottom.

"Oh my God, daddy!" She cried out, covering her ass with her hand. "You can't do that, I'm an adult now."

"I can and I will!" I smiled and brought my hand down again. This time a bit harder.

"Ow!" She jerked away, but my hand shot out and I grabbed her and held her.

"Bend over the couch!" I commanded.


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