Family Sleep Sex 4: Knocking A Baby Into My Sleeping Daughter

by Amber FoxxFire

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Dammit! That bitch was supposed to help me with the chores. But now she’s passed out on her bed, sleeping the day away. What’s this? A vodka bottle? No wonder she’s out like a light.

Surely just a little peek of her supple, naked body won’t hurt…


"Well look what we have here," I said as I opened the door and looked inside my 18-year-old daughter's room, catching her sleeping.

She had agreed to do her chores, she had promised that she would do them and not only catch up on her past chores but help me get ahead around the house.

However she had stayed up late and went out with friends and hadn't slept when she should have, now she was snoozing when she should have been helping me out.

A bit angry at her for being lazy, breaking a promise, and sleeping the day away, I decided that since she broke her promise about helping that I'll break my promise to stay out of her room.


Opening the door and walking in, I decided it was time for an inspection, i wanted to see if she deserved to keep having all this freedom and trust that she said she deserved. Taking my time, I rummage through her drawers, looking for the usual suspects like booze, and drugs. I had told her that, until she moved out, she wouldn't be doing anything funny under my roof.

It didn't take long before I found the hidden bottle of vodka at the bottom of her closet and saw the flagrant disregard for the rules and how she didn't care about the rules I set.

I felt upset, betrayed, and angry. My emotions were welling up and I needed to concentrate, too many times I have let my emotions get the better of me.

Seeing her laying there in a pair of Khaki shorts and a light blue tank top, I wondered where I had gone wrong, what lesson hadn't I instilled in her. I needed to do something about this.

I looked at her small, perky body and how it lay there all defenseless and prone. My eighteen year old little girl was a trouble maker, but looking at her angelic face, I couldn't help but feel my heart melt a little at the sight of her sprawled out on the bed, defenseless.

As I watched her, my body started to feel warm as I noticed some things about how she had laid down. Her legs had casually spread apart. The way she laid down made her ass pop out and I couldn't stop looking at the perky plump butt she had.

Her tits were large, barely held in by the tank top and ready to pop out, she was a double D just like her mother.

I decided that maybe instead of scolding her and teaching her with punishment, that perhaps pleasure would be a better motivator.

Slowly sliding my hands along her legs, I slid her shorts off, careful not to wake my baby girl from her slumber.

She was eighteen and her body was perfect, I could tell that not only was she fertile and ready for making a baby, that perhaps her body wanted one. I leaned in and smelled her and her sweet, feminine fragrance encouraged me on.


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