Drugged and Used by My Daddy on Christmas Morning

by Jade Summers

I thought I was being sneaky. I thought my daddy had no idea I was opening my presents and sealing them back up to get a peek. But when I find his journal I realize he's known all along. And not only that, I realize he just drugged me, and he's going to use my body ... for his own pleasure and for babies ... forever.

My daddy stood there for a long moment, just staring at me. “Take off your nightie.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I wanted to protest, to jump up and run into my room, or out the front door, but I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move, and my mouth wouldn’t form the words I wanted to say. All I could do was follow my daddy’s instructions and remove my clothes.

I sat there with my knees pressed together as my hands pulled up at the lower hem of my short nightgown. I’d worn them for years because my daddy always bought me the same thing for Christmas—a short, baby doll nightie. I thought they were cute. I never in a million years imagined there was anything sexual about it. But now I knew. My daddy wanted to fuck me.

About the Author

I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

Jade Summers

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