Drilled By My Son at the Dentist : Sinful Mothers 22

by Tori Westwood

I never imagined my first-time lesbian experience to coincide with my son losing his virginity, but in my private room at my dental practice that's exactly what happened. My long-time assistant Angie gets very risque with my son Harry when he comes in for his check-up and soon things have gotten very taboo indeed! Angie's sat on his face and I'm about to put his cock inside me! It's so wrong!


I moved my face down towards his cock and Harry watched closely as I leant in towards it.  I gave it a soft peck on the shaft, then turned to Harry and smiled.

He was far too nervous to return the smile, and there was something in that that excited and turned me on more.  Angela came to the other side of his length and kissed it too, looking over it and beaming at me.

I smiled back and leant in, watching Angela mirror my movements as we sandwiched Harry between our lips.

I gave him a big, mouthy kiss, twisting my head to the side so I could wrap my lips around him.  I met Angie at the top as we licked the bulbous crown.  Our tongue’s met over him and soon we were kissing too.  I just lost my inhibitions completely.

I pulled back and looked forward at Angie who was biting her lip excitedly.

“That felt good,” I confessed and for a brief moment we forgot about the huge, stiff cock between us.


We kissed again and I felt my heart flutter, then I moved my hand to Harry’s cock and propped him upright below us like we were sharing a microphone.

I moved Angie down as I kissed her and put Harry’s thickness between us, draping our spit over his length until he was awash with it.  His cock looked delicious as it shone in the light, glistening like a forbidden light-house beckoning us towards it.

To feel his thickness between us like that was a sensation like no other.  It was like imagining the naughtiest thing you could possibly do and then somehow making it even more sinful.  I never thought my son’s first sexual experience would coincide with my first lesbian experience.  Shit, I never thought I'd have a lesbian experience!

I took Harry in my left hand and pumped along his length, listening to his heavy breaths as he succumbed to my touch.  Then I moved a hand over him towards Angie’s big tits, squeezing them as they lay bound beneath her tight gown.

Below the buttons you could make out her fat cleavage and the black lace of the bra that tried in vain to contain her charms.

I smiled and popped one of her buttons, watching the top flash open wider and wider as I unfastened each one.  They couldn’t wait to be freed.

I moved to her lips and kissed her again, leaning over the chair and jerking Harry’s cock against my whites.  When I’d finished kissing Angie I moved back to his face.

“I have an idea,” I whispered, close to his ear.

Harry looked at me, rapt with nerves and delight.  “What is it?”

“Angie’s gonna take her panties off,” I said, looking to Angie who started to smile, “and then we’re gonna lower this chair a little more and she’s gonna sit her pussy down right on your beautiful, innocent face.”


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