Doping Daddy – 4 Pack Bundle

Medical Incest Daddy-Daughter Rough Sex Erotica

by Taboo Pleasure

There is nothing more that these little barely legal geniuses want more than for their daddies to screw them, and they’re more than willing to use intelligence, guile, and science to get what they want.

Doping Daddy is a collection of four stories, all about naughty girls using their wits, tight asses, and chemistry sets to turn their own fathers into drug-fueled screwing machines. This bundle is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY who want blazing hot incest sex at a 42% discount:

  • Daddy’s Slut
  • Daddy’s Crazy Dick
  • Daddy’s Dirty Princess
  • Choking on Daddy’s Dick

I freed his semi-hard dick and plunged the syringe through his shaft. His attempts at trying to stay in control were put to rest. He was still now.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I’m still your princess. I’m just a slutty one.”

“Wen…dy…” He struggled to talk as all of his blood rushed to his dick. It pulsated strongly before me.

It didn’t just twitch about though, it grew longer and harder. The veins popped out more and pre-cum started gushing like a fountain. Wonderful science could control anything.

I positioned myself to face my daddy.

“Daddy, tell me the truth. Did you ever fantasize about my breasts and perky nipples?”

I rubbed my tits seductively and teased my hard nipples. I lifted my shirt just enough for him to see the bottom of my boobs. No nipples for him. Yet.

“Y-yes. You’ve always had such succulent nipples. I masturbate to them often.” The truth spilled from his lips.

About the Author

Hi! I write sexy incest and bestiality stories under the naughty name of Taboo Pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading about my taboo desires - check back often for new family fantasies.

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