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by Amber FoxxFire

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Stories Included:

* Breeding My Aunt - Part 1

Picking his stacked, flirty aunt up from the airport, Will got the surprise of a life-time.

In part 1 of this series, Will knocks up his fertile aunt right there in the airport. Like two sex-starved animals, aunt and nephew rut until her fertile womb is filled with his potent seed.

* Breeding My Aunt & Mom - Part 2

Picking his stacked, flirty aunt up from the airport, Will got the surprise of a life-time. But that was just the beginning…

In part 2 of this series, Will’s aunt moves in and whenever his mother has her back turned, they’re fucking like rabbits. That went on for awhile until one Sunday morning when Will’s mother left for church. They began shagging in the living room. But mom wasn’t gone…

* Knotted to My Master


In a hurry and driving in a snowstorm, 18-year-old Nora veered off the side of the road and crashed. If it hadn’t been for a mysterious, furry beast, Nora would’ve died.

How could she ever repay him?

Skip, the large, muscular newfoundland, knew the answer to that. His powerful mind penetrated her defenses, allowing him to completely dominate her. He was the master now.

* Knot In My Daughter!

Franny needed sex. Still a virgin at 18, she was ready to experience the world. But her father had other ideas.

Forbidden to see boys, she found a way around that. Daddy never said anything about dogs…

* Daddy, Thank God You’re Here!

Sensing that something really wrong was happening to my daughter, I raced to her house in the middle of the winter - at night - to find out what.

I was right! Just as I pulled up some masked men dropped from her balcony and ran away. Afraid that my 18-year-old daughter, Jessica, was hurt, I burst into her room…

…And finished what they had started.

* Wait Till Daddy Gets Home!

Tammy caught her 18-year-old daughter looking at forbidden images on the computer (oh the horror!) Not wanting this to continue, she threatened her daughter with punishment from her father.

The punishment her father had in mind, however, was quite different than the one Tammy envisioned…


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