Dominating My Sister 20-Pack Vol 5

by Amber FoxxFire

My gorgeous sister, Amy, was visiting home from college. It was her first semester and mom and dad were so proud of her. She was a bright, top-of-her-class student who was undoubtedly going far in life.


Sis and I were always playing pranks on each other. This one went just a bit too far.

Stories included:

- Dad Helped Me Knock Up My Younger Sister
- Remote-Controlling Mom & Sis
- Mind-Controlling My Sister
- From A To D - A Brother Sister Bimbo Fuck Story
- I Slipped My Sister A Bimbo Pill
- I Turned My Shy Sister Into A Horny Sex Mad Bimbo!
- I Mind Controlled My Two Sisters
- Knocking Up My Sleepwalking Sister - In The Back Of Daddy's Car!
- Free Use 2: Using Sis While She Was Studying
- Free Use Bimbos 1: Turned My Sister Into A Bimbo Sex Fuck Doll
- Rough Sex With My Lonely Sister
- Studded By My Big Brother!
- Mind Controlling My Sister With Black Magic
- Free Use 7: Inviting Myself To My Sister Cousin Niece Sleepover Sex Party
- Remote Controlled Sister
- Turned Myself Into My Sister's Boyfriend
- Free Use Bimbos 6: Slumber Party With Mom & Sis
- Blackmailed My Mother And Virgin Sister
- Free Use Hypnosis Ring 4: Fucking My Sister's Steaming Pussy
- Free Use Bimbos 7: Sneaking My Cock In My Sister's Bimbo Pussy While Mom Drove!

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