Dominating My Mother

by Amber FoxxFire

Chris was sick and tired of his domineering mother always treating him like shit. One day, he’d had enough. Making his mother stop treating him like dirt wasn’t the only thing he wanted. He wanted to rape her. He wanted to make her beg and plead and cry as he shoved his massive cock deep into her tight, motherly cunt as feelings of power coursed through him.

4’1” Joanna never stood a chance against her taller, stronger son.


"Strip. Naked." I said, then holding up my hand when she started to protest. "Remember our deal."

Joanna grumbled, but did as I asked. Mom was as hot as they come. For a 37-year-old, she was stunning. With long legs, curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was the epitome of sexy. She'd been the object of my fantasies for as long as I could remember.

My 5'1" mother stood before me, her clothes having pooled at her luscious feet. My cock instantly jumped, tugging at my pants.

"There, pervert!" She spat. "Does that satisfy your bestial lust?"

"No!" I said. "I still have 29 minutes." I smiled and moved forward, my arms outstretched. "For the next 29 minutes you're going to do as I say AND you'll keep your trap shut. Unless I specifically order you to open it."

She growled - just like a dog, low and deep in her throat. But I had her. She wouldn't dare disobey me. Not now. Not ever. I had her over a barrel and she knew it.


"Good dog!" I said, patting her on the head.

I laughed as mom snapped just like a dog, her small breasts jiggling before my eyes. This was too good.

Mom moaned as my fingers brushed against her nipples. They stiffened just as readily as my cock. I could tell she wanted to say something, but she wasn't stupid. Mean, yes. Stupid, no. I took one of her engorged nipples into my mouth and began to suckle. It was a very odd sensation being this close to the one who'd treated me so poorly.


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