Dominating My Mother 50-Pack Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

I couldn't believe my luck! I'd just got home from college that night. Mom said I could stay in my old room for the break. It had been a long, 5-hour journey and I wanted nothing more than to hit the sack and fall asleep.

But fate had other plans.

The moment I entered the house, I knew something was wrong.

Stories Included:

- Mother Mind Control 4: I Must Obey My Son!
- Mom & Sis 1: Playing Hide & Seek With Mom & Sis
- Mom's Helping Hands 3: Pre Mature Ejaculation
- Breaking Bad Girls 2: Breaking Mom
- Mother Mind Control 6: Help! I Was Mind Controlled By Aliens
- Mom's Helping Hands 4: Accidents Happen
- Pure Sex 6: Accidentally Fell On Sis Part 2 Mom & Sis
- Pure Sex 7: Spraying My Seed Deep In My Mother's Cunt
- Mother Mind Control 7: Remote Controlled Mom
- Mom's Helping Hands 5: Bedside Service
- Mom's Helping Hands 6: Fucking My Son
- Dominating My Mother - Hucow
- Breeding Mom & Sis Like Cattle - Hucow
- Mind Controlling Mom & Sis To Breed
- Mature Mothers 1: My Son Bred Me After Ballet Class
- Mature Mothers 2: Breeding Coach Mom After The Game
- Mature Mothers 3: Breeding My Son In Massage Class
- Family Mind Control 3: Mind Controlling Mom & My Two Sisters
- Controlling & Breeding My Bimbo Mother
- Breeding A Baby In My Sleeping Mother's Belly
- Blackmailed My Stranded Mother
- Knocking Up My Vulnerable Mother
- Degrading & Humiliating Mom 2: Blackmailed By My Son
- My Sister Caught Me Breeding Mom!
- Mom Has Amnesia & Thinks She's My Sex Slave
- Sweaty Sauna Sex With My Son
- Mommy Needs A Baby!
- Taking Advantage Of My Sleeping Mother
- Breeding A Baby In Mommy
- Massaging A Baby Into Mom's Belly
- Massaging My Pregnant Mother
- Mom & Sis Mind Control 1: I Dare You To Hypnotize Your Sister
- Disciplining Mom
- Making My Mother My Obedient Sex Slave
- Clueless Mothers 1: Mom Hoovered The House While Sis Hoovered My Cock
- Hormonal Pregnant Mothers Popped By Their Sons 1
- Branding Mom & Sis Like Cattle
- Knocking Up My Knocked-Up Mother
- Forcing Mom & Sis To Be Hucow Slaves
- Taking Advantage of My Drunk Mother & Aunt
- My Wife Hypnotized My Sister & Mother
- I Knocked Up Mom In The Backseat While Dad Drove
- Mind-Controlling Mom & Sis To Become My Fertile Sex Slaves
- Fucked Twins In My Drunken Mother's Cunt
- Remote-Controlling Mom & Sis
- Fucking Mom In Front Of Dad
- Free Use 1: Using Mom
- Spanking My Sleepwalking Mother
- Free Use Bimbos 6: Slumber Party With Mom & Sis
- Free Use Time Travel 1: Comparing 40-Year-Old Mom With 18-Year-Old Mom

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