Dominating My Mother

by Bessie After Dark

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Bessie's Back! I've got tons of Hot, Milky and very Dominant Stories for you to sink your teeth into! These ladies are all VERY submissive and VERY milky. They'll do ANYTHING they're told.


I was tired of my mother dominating me. With this Hucow pill, I was going to turn the tables. Payback’s a bitch!

Before mom knew what had happened, her breasts had swollen and filled with milk.



"God dammit, Phillip! Bring mama her tea this instant!" Philip's mother shouted, rousing him out of a good sleep.

"Coming, mama!" He shouted down and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

Always with the same old shit. Philip do this, Philip do that. Well, he was sick and God Damn tired of it. Today was the day things would change. Oh, he'd get her her fucking tea. One. Last. Time.

"Here ya go, mama!" He subserviently handed his large-breasted mother her tea. Earl Grey. Just like she liked it.

"You were too fucking slow!" She slapped his face, sending him reeling.

He smiled through the pain and humiliation. He smiled because he had a secret. A secret that would change everything.

"Do you like your tea, mama?" He asked. He was nearly shaking with anticipation.

"It's adequate." She spat as she pursed her lips against the tea cup.

Drink it. Drink it. Drink it.


"What the fuck you looking at? Go find something to clean!" She growled.

He may have been 18, but his mother didn't see it that way. His cock tugged in his pants as he thought about the little red pill he'd crushed up in her tea. The red pill that would change the dynamics forever.

He hung his head and shuffled out of the living room. But he watched from the kitchen. His heart leaped in his throat as he watched her take sip after sip of the Hucow-laced tea. Nevermind that it had cost him a month's wages to get.

He watched with muffled glee as his mother's already-large breasts grew even bigger. And when he saw the wet spot form on the front of his mother's shirt, he knew it was time.

"Put down the tea cup mom. NOW!" He stormed in the room.

His mother's mouth opened, her eyes glaring daggers, but something stopped her from fighting her son's insubordination.

"Yes, son! Right away!"

A smile crept across his face as he watched his normally bitchy mother shakily set the tea cup down on the table and look up at him, her brown eyes soft and submissive.


About the Author

Sometimes...when the lights go out...and no one is around, I dream up filthy, dirty stories that would make any respectable cow blush. I'm not content, however, with just letting the dreams pass me by, no, I stumble to my computer and write them down in all their wicked details. Just for you!

Shh! I think I hear the farmer coming now. Look busy! Where's my hay?

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