Dominating My Humans 80-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

80 HOT bestiality stories. Horses, dogs, unicorns, dolphins, chimps, bulls, minotaurs and even space raptors! This compilation HAS IT ALL


Stories included:

80 Pack Vol 1


Dog is my Master
Dominated by the German Shepherd
Mind Controlled by the Hell-Hound
Dominated by My Husband’s Dog!
Good Girl, Bad Dog!
Unicorn in my Uterus
Taken by the Neighbor’s Stallion
Broken by the Bull
Mind Controlled by the Boss's Dog
Stray Dog Knot
Caught Fucking the Dog
Breeding My Father's Dog
Banged by Bigfoot
Mind Controlled by the Dark Unicorn
Taken By The Guard Dogs
You Did What To The Chihuahua?
Grandma Got Gangbanged by the Reindeer
Fucked by the Dolphin
My Sister is a Bitch - Literally
Bigfoot Knocked Up My Dog
Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 1
Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 2
Riding My Neighbor's Stallion
Hypnotized By My Great Dane
Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
Bred By The Minotaur
I Turned Myself Into a Dog To Fuck My Daughter
Granny Rides The Bull
Pounded By The Apes
You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!
Taken At The Rodeo
Seducing Daddy's Stallion
My Dog, My Master
Hypnotized By Space Raptors
Ravaged By The Centaur
Cucked By My Dog
Bad Dog! Pastor's Wife
Bad Dog! Sunbather
Gangbanged By The Wild Stallions
Broken By The Wild Stallion
Mind Controlled By The Werewolf
Doing Doggo
Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
Fucked By Death's Stallion
Wrecked By The Stallion's Massive Cock
Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1
Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2
BG 1 - Gangbanged At The Dog Park
BG 2 - Gangbanged By My Horny Dogs
MMC 6: Help! I Was Mind Controlled By Aliens
BMC 1 - Mind Controlled By My Husband's Dog
BG 3 - Gangbanged By The TSA Dogs
Dared To Fuck The Cowboy's Horse
BG 4: Trained By My Dogs
Fucked By The Horny Unicorn
Daddy Made Me Fuck Fido
BMC 2: Hypnotized By My Boss's Dog
BG 5: Roughed Up By The K-9 Cop
Studded By The Wild Mustang
Dominated By The Doberman
BMC 3: Hypnotized By The Pastor To Fuck His Dog
Daddy, I Fucked A Horse & Now I'm Pregnant!
BG 6: Punished By The Millionaire's Dogs
BMC 4: Yes, Rex, Those Are Your Puppies!
I Turned Myself Into A Stallion To Fuck My Daughter
IB 1: Destroyed By The Dragon's Dick
PDS 1: Fuck Me, Rex! I Need Your Puppies
PDS 2: Plowed Into Submission On Daddy's Farm
PDS 3 : Fucked By The Cook's Horny German Shepherd
PDS 4: Popped By My Dog's Red Rocket During My Wedding
PDS 5: Gangbanged In Front Of Everyone
PDS 6: How The Fuck Did Rex Knock You Up?
BF 1: Sinking My Cock Deep Inside My Dog's Tight Pussy
Taking My Stallion Deep In My Tight, Hot Cunt
BF 2: Sorry, Mom, I Knocked Up The Dog!
PDS 7: Daddy, I Kissed A Dog And Liked It!
MF 1: That Time I Knocked Up My Horse
BF 3: Fucking My Two Horny Bitches At Once
Knocking Up The Sleeping Unicorn
BMC 5: Mind-Controlled By Rex


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