Dominated by Daddy

DOMINATION Daddy Daughter Erotica Taboo Incest Sex Barely Legal Teen Daddy Erotica Father Daughter

by Amber FoxxFire

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18-year-old Alexa needed her daddy to take her hard and rough. She needed him to manhandle her and make her beg for him to give it to her hard and withOUT protection.


"Oh, hurry up daddy," I sighed to myself looking at the clock. He promised me he'd spice up our sex life in the bedroom a little and told me to stay here while he picked up an 'order'.

My thighs squeezed together as my pussy throbbed and gushed to the filthy images in my mind about daddy and I in the bedroom fucking like rabid animals.

I looked at the clock again and grabbed my breasts. They weren't in a bra, and my nipples poked out against the cotton fabric graciously. It felt good rubbing up against my hard nips, but only daddy's hands and mouth could make me see stars.

"Oh, come on daddy! This is no fair. Making me wait like this." I pouted and stared back at my math. Who could think about math when your hot ex-military of a daddy was out getting kinky stuff to fuck you with.


I told him not to get something too freaky though. I wasn't into that serious stuff where people were severely hurt. But a good spanking on the ass and pussy wasn't something I was afraid of.

I ran my fingers over my breasts, teasing myself before daddy got home. He'd better hurry, or he'll miss my ripe and ready body.

A flash of light shined onto the wall and I turned around, daddy was home!

"Daddy," I gasped, running to the door to open it and tear his fly wide open.

I swung open the door and daddy sprinted inside with two medium black plastic bags.

"Daddy, what did you get?" I asked, staring at his bags.

"Go get yourself ready, and you'll find out."


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