Doing It With The Family Dog

by Jez Bestiality

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Reunions were boring. More so when your family forced you. Same people, same places, same old corny jokes. The only good thing about it was seeing my favorite dog, Buck. He was my father’s dog and it was the only thing I looked forward to. Escaping the festivities, I took Buck out to the creek behind the house. Maybe he’d catch a rabbit or something. Instead, he caught ME - with my panties down.


Buck, our big black and tan German Shepherd bounded up the steps and greeted me with a bark. At least somebody was having fun.

I wish I had something fun to do.

I slid my hand down my mini shorts, running my fingers over my hot cunt. There was a stirring within my 18-year-old body that I decided not to ignore. It wasn't like there was anything else to do.

"Okay Buck, let's get out of here. We might even scare up a rabbit for you to chase or something." I whispered in a conspiratorial tone as I slipped from the porch.

Dashing into the field, I found a place by a brook and laid down. When I got to the field, Buck had vanished, probably chasing a rabbit or squirrel.

Stripping off my clothes, I laid on a patch of clover. Spreading my legs as my finger slid to my hot-spot I began to circle my needy clit.

Closing my eyes, I let the sensations run through my body as my mind conjured a fantasy which heightened my carnal mood.


I was in the heat of my naughty imagination when I heard a snap of a branch. Opening my eyes, I looked up, with my heart pounding in my ears only to see Buck.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were chasing a rabbit or something! You scared me half to death." I had to laugh at the sight of my dad's German Shepherd looking at me with curiosity in his eyes.

He moved forward and shoved his nose into my steaming pussy. At first I wanted to push him away but when his searing tongue ran over my folds, I suddenly changed my mind.

Threads of heat streaked through my body as I moaned. I never thought a dog's tongue could feel so good. Was it the same way with a guy?

"Keep doing that!" I gasped as I laid back, enjoying the sensations that coursed through me.

Buck did just that and I bucked my hips at the intensity of the feelings that I was experiencing. Nothing had ever felt so good!


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