Dog Sex Grab Bag 3-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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3 extremely nasty, filthy, beast-fucking stories that are exactly what you’re looking for. If you missed them the first time around, don't miss them again!

- Dog is my Master
- Dominated by the German Shepherd
- Doing the Doberman


Stories Included:

* Dog is my Master

When Debbie’s dog swallows an unknown pill, it gives him the power to control and direct her thoughts. Grizzly, the large Akita, takes this new-found ability to its logical conclusion.

In this hot, forbidden story, Grizzly, a male Akita, dominates his mistress and mates with her, knotting himself inside her. With his new mind-control powers, it is he who becomes the alpha and he forces her to submit to him.


* Dominated by the German Shepherd

Summer is tasked to watch the big, black German Shepherd next door. Left alone with a big, horny, male dog, she is overwhelmed by his dominance and wonders what it would be like to take him inside her. Watch as Attila takes her and makes her his, dominating her like no man has ever done.


* Doing the Doberman


It was that time of month. Right before my period and I was extremely hormonal and so horny that I’d do anything to scratch that itch. I was painfully boy shy and nothing in the house seemed to satisfy that primal itch to mate.

Fortunately, my neighbor was gone and his large, black doberman was free for the evening. Who needed guys when you had a real man?


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