Dog Job! : Fantastic Beasts 9

Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Erotica

by Betsi Ality

Book Cover: Dog Job! : Fantastic Beasts 9
Part of the Fantastic Beasts Erotica series:

I answered the advert.  I knew what I was in for.  But nothing quite prepares you for getting fucked by a dog.

Well, here I am and here he is, clearly ready for his performance.  When the cameras turn on I lose myself and in no time at all he's inside me.

Read about my depravity inside.


With this in mind I slid my ass forward on the sofa, keeping my legs spread wide and hoping that Jasper would find my pussy as interesting and tasty as one of his treats.

Thankfully my suspicions were confirmed and I felt his wet nose sniff it out before he let out a tentatively lick with his tongue.

Immediately his tail began wagging and I let out a sigh, falling in love with Jasper in an instant as he began to eat from my pussy with a passion and fervor that few men possessed.

It looked and felt as though Jasper had done this many times before and it didn't look as though he was about to stop any time soon.  Craig hadn't given me a time limit, so instead of hurrying along I pulled back my flesh and loosed my stiffening clit, letting Jasper tongue at it wildly and giving it an extra few nudges myself.


Far from being scared by the experience it began to excite me more than anything else and pretty soon I could feel the throes of orgasm beginning to envelop me as Jasper's ceaseless licks drove me towards ecstasy.

He licked me over and over, sliding his big tongue all over my velvet crease and tickling my hard stud until I was quivering with desire.

I felt my pussy begin to spasm and convulse and I let out an involuntary moan, completely forgetting that the whole thing was being recorded.

I cried out loud, my chin pushing outwards with each gasp as Jasper played with my pussy like he was a professional.

As though Jasper knew my climax was coming to an end he jumped up on the couch, letting me slowly soothe out the last of my ecstasy while he repositioned himself.

He walked over me now, standing with his front legs on one side of me and his hind legs on the other so that his cock hung down in front of me.


About the Author

Betsi Ality writes some of the hottest dog loving erotica on the market and she does it all for her loving fans.  These dogs have been schooled in the art of fucking and are looking to 'tie-the-knot' with any female who's willing!  You won't be disappointed!

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