Dog is My Master

Taboo Bestiality RAPE Mind Control FORCED MATING Domination Dog Sex Knotting Zoophilia Erotica

by Amber FoxxFire

When Debbie’s dog swallows an unknown pill, it gives him the power to control and direct her thoughts. Grizzly, the large Akita, takes this new-found ability to its logical conclusion.

In this hot, forbidden story, Grizzly, a male Akita, dominates his mistress and mates with her, knotting himself inside her. With his new mind-control powers, it is he who becomes the alpha and he forces her to submit to him.


“Bad dog! That could’ve been poison!” She wagged her finger at him.


I know, he suddenly thought, but it wasn’t. He instinctively knew that it was some kind of mind pill. He could now read her thoughts, it seemed, and that gave him some naughty ideas.
Grizzly reached out with his thoughts, hoping to make contact with his mistress. He'd been attempting to contact her for many months. Unlike most dogs, he felt that he could do this, which seldom happened. He was certain that it just took persistence and determination.
Looking into her green eyes, he felt his thoughts merge with hers. What swirled around in her mind, he couldn't comprehend, but he knew that he could send her mind pictures.
Would this work? He attempted something simple. If her mind was strong, she'd resist the suggestion, while a weak one would be receptive.
Leave my leash off, he suggested. It was a command of dominance that he sent to her. Would she be strong of will and worthy of leadership?

"Come on, boy." She threw the leash over her shoulder and slapped her thigh. For some reason, a strong feeling came over her that she didn't need to attach the leash to the collar.

It worked! He gave a small woof as he danced around her, excited for his new-found ability. How far can I take this? He stayed by her side as they walked down the path toward the car.


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