My Dog Fucked My Girlfriend

by Kimmy Hicks

When John and his gorgeous girlfriend Shelly move in together, John decides that it is finally time to find out if Shelly shares his bestial fantasies and is willing to let him watch as his Great Dane, Bruce gives her his knot. Lucky for John, Shelly has enough sexy love to please both him and his giant dog!


I pushed the bedroom door the rest of the way open, only to find my beautiful, busty girlfriend already naked on our bed, with Bruce sprawled out next to her, his belly exposed to her while she rubbed him. I immediately got hard at the sight. Her blond hair fell over her perfect tits, and she looked up at me and smiled. Images of her being fucked by my dog while I pushed my cock between those pouty lips of hers flooded my brain.

"Come join us, baby," she patted the bed. "We were just getting comfy in here." She turned to Bruce, continuing to rub his belly.

About the Author

Bestial delights and four-legged fun is my specialty! If cute girls being fucked like bitches and knotted by their canine lovers shocks you, then please don't read my books! Otherwise, come on in and watch the furry fantasies unfold! There will be no holding back - just as nature intended!

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