Doctor Daddy Knocked Me Up On The Exam Table

by Amber FoxxFire

My 18-year-old daughter really wanted a baby. But her no-good dead-beat boyfriend wouldn’t give her one. I’d always had a soft spot for my baby girl, so when she sat on my exam table and started crying, I couldn’t help myself.

Within earshot of the entire office, I did the unthinkable…


His cock pushed into her mouth, expanding her to unbelievable proportions. She fought the urge to gag. When his large meat stick knocked at her throat, she widened it as wide as she could.

Even then his cock pushed her throat wider than it had ever been. She loved the feeling of his manhood slipping down her throat.

Dakota loved running her tongue under his cock as her fingers explored her daddy's iron-hard legs and firm ass and his balls. He always found time to work out.

These balls were where she came from. Dakota loved the silky feeling of them between her fingers.

She was thrilled when he grabbed her head and pulled her up, then slammed her down on his cock. Dakota shivered. She loved it when her daddy took control.

His dominance made her submit to his will. He slammed his dick down her throat faster each second.

His brute strength made her feel so protected and she wanted to please him even more.


"What are you going to do?" She felt excited to know he might give her a baby in her belly.

"I will plant a baby in you and you'll be my cum slut from now on." He growled as his cock-head explored her folds.

"Please give me one! I'll do anything you want," she said, gazing into his eyes hopefully.

She felt him press his baby maker into her tight cunt. It felt so strange to feel her daddy's cock inside her.


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