Disciplining Mom

by Amber FoxxFire





I'd have raped mom sooner if I knew it felt this good!


My eyes widened in shock. "You stole a dress? Really?"


A tear dropped from mom's green eyes and splattered on the floor. "Yes." She breathed heavily, sighing. Then she looked up at me and my own breath hitched. "But I don't deserve the punishment your father was going to mete out."

I smiled at the thought.

"What exactly was dad going to do to you?"


Mom's face fell. "I...uh...that's not really any of your business, honey, now just let me down and I'll bake your favorite cake."

I picked up the whip that was sitting on a nearby table and stared my mother dead in the eyes.

"I think it is my business. Now tell me EXACTLY what dad had planned for you." I ran the whip slowly across her nipples, hardening them further and making her shiver.


Mom gulped and her face flushed with embarrassment.

"You really don't want to know, son. Please don't make me do this."



I slapped her hard across the face, causing her head to rock back.


"Tell me, now!" I demanded.


Mom sobbed. "I never thought you'd be like your father..."


I slapped her again.



"Well, he was going to whip me, then probably..." her voice lowered to that of a whisper.


"Probably, what?" I asked, my face inches from hers. I was close enough I could kiss her.


She gulped again, tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes swollen and red.

"He was going to...rape me." She looked up at me hopefully. "But you're not going to do that, are you? Son?"


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