Desperate Mothers, Dominant Sons 20-Pack Vol 9

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Desperate Mothers, Dominant Sons 20-Pack Vol 9

I already had the hots for my mother, but when I saw an old-timey photo of her when she was just 18, I lost my shit. I had to find a way back to fuck that hot chick.

Yeah, she was my mother, but she was also, apparently, one of the most beautiful dames I'd ever laid eyes on.

My fucking God.

I had to have her. I had to find a way to travel back in time and bang the hell out of her.

Stories Included:

- Convinced Mom Cum Cured Corona
- Love Potion Number 69 1: Making Mom Fall In Love With Me
- Knocked Up Sleepwalking Mother
- Knocking Up My Fertile Mother
- Free Use Incest 24: Making Mom & Sis My Hucow Sex Slaves
- Free Use Incest 30: Breeding Mom In Bed - Dad Never Knew!
- Free Use Incest 32: My Son Fucked Me In The Backseat Part 1
- Free Use Incest 33: My Son Fucked Me In The Backseat Part 2 - I Turned The Tables On Him!
- Mind Controlling Mom & Sis With The Genie's Wish
- Hypnotizing Mom & Sis 1: Making Them Submissive Sex Robots
- Free Use Incest 36: Fucking Mom As She Watched TV
- Desperate For Cash 1: Mom Begged Me For Help
- Free Use Incest 40: Barebacking Mom In The Backseat
- Cucked & Fucked 1: Cucked Dad, Fucked Mom
- Free Use Incest 43: Fucked Mom On The Kitchen Table
- Free Use Incest 44: Time Traveled, Fucked Mom In The Backseat
- Time Stop Incest 1: Fucking Mom In The Shower
- Hypnotized Mom With A Voodoo Doll
- Caught Mom Banging Another Guy, Kicked Him Out, Fucked Her Myself
- Mom Sucked Me Off Under The Kitchen Table

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