Desperate Mothers 8-Pack : Books 17 – 24

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Desperate Mothers 8-Pack : Books 17 - 24
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

Moms who haven’t been claimed in a long time are getting what they can from the very sons closest to then.  Read as women cave and give-in, claiming their own sons in forbidden, taboo stories that’ll leave you gasping for breath.  Features books 17-24 of the Desperate Mothers series.

Includes :  ‘F’ing My Fan And He’s My Son,’ ‘Caught Masturbating By My Son,’ ‘Going The Distance With My Son,’ ‘Going Down On My Son,’ ‘Exploring My Son’s C,’ ‘It’s A Wonderful Slutty Wife,’ ‘I Used The Bimbo App To F My Son,’ and ‘My Son’s Perfume Gift Turned Me Bimbo.’


I watched as he jerked his cock slowly, keeping his eyes on me.  It was one of the naughtiest things I’ve ever been a part of, and that’s coming from a woman who wrote ‘Two in my Pussy.’

“Want to help me plot another story,” I asked, and I stepped into his room and closed the door behind me.

“I’m a blank canvas,” Blake said, and he put his arms by his side.

He lay naked on his bed and watched me as I walked around to stand beside him.  I looked down on his kempt pubic hair.  It was shaped in a rectangle above his cock.  Above that ran the curves of his muscles, like gutters that funneled my gaze down towards his cock.

“It’s so big,” I whispered.

“Sometimes I think I need an extra hand,” Blake said.

I scoffed at his confidence and vowed to use that line in my next publication.

“You can sit, if you like?” Blake asked.


I swallowed and sat on the mattress beside him.  Slowly the barrier between us was being broken down.  Slowly I was becoming more comfortable with the act that I was desperate to perform.

“Touch it,” Blake said.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.  My breasts rose against my t-shirt, and I felt my nipples turn stiff.  I felt Blake grip my breast and give it a squeeze, and my eyes opened sharply to look at him.

Without another thought I reached forward and put my soft hands around his cock.  I could feel the strength of his arousal against my palm.  His eyes locked with mine and I watched his pupils fatten.

“That’s it, Mom,” he said, squeezing my breast again.

I stroked slowly, looking to my hand now and watching as I gave him the pleasure that, as a mother, I felt he deserved.

I gripped hard and pulled him, sucking a breath through my clenched teeth.  I turned my ass on the mattress, facing Blake more.  It was clear that he wanted more of my tits but being reclined like he was made it difficult.

“Here,” I told him, and I lifted off my t-shirt and then unfastened my bra.

Blake stared, wide eyed as I pulled my bra forwards and released my big tits to him.

“Oh, Mom,” he said softly.

I moved my hand back to his cock and jerked it some more.  My breast bounced against my bicep as I did so.  Blake cupped my breast and rubbed at the stiff nipple.  Jolts of electric pleasure surged through me, radiating out from my pussy and tingling up my spine.

I didn’t want this to end here.  I didn’t know how much resolve Blake had, but considering we were living his fantasy I thought he might not last too long.

I leaned forwards and kissed his lips as I jerked him, then I trailed down slowly, off his chin and down to his chest.

Blake realized where I was headed.  He breathed deep and his whole body turned tense.  I was so excited to put him in my mouth, but I wanted to tease him a moment longer.

I kept the slow pace of my descent, winding down over his chest hair and biting at his nipples on my route.  I kissed at his flat, hard stomach and then followed those gutters of his, all the way down to where his thickness lay.

I pointed his cock to my mouth and put him inside me.  Blake moaned and I moaned too, but my mouth was too full for the sound to leave it.

The moan was muffled on his shaft, vibrating through it as I moved my lips further down him and felt him twitch at the top of my throat.

“Yes, Mom,” he groaned


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