Desperate Mothers 8-Pack : Books 1 – 8

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Desperate Mothers 8-Pack : Books 1 - 8
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

Moms who haven’t been claimed in a long time are getting what they can from the very sons closest to then.  Read as women cave and give-in, claiming their own sons in forbidden, taboo stories that’ll leave you gasping for breath.  Features books 1-8 of the Desperate Mothers series.

Includes : ‘A Close Shave,’ ‘Check-Mating,’ ‘Off Grid,’ ‘Putt It In My Ass, Boy,’ ‘Private Sale,’ ‘Soaked and Fucked By My Son,’ ‘The Handywoman,’ and ‘Mommy’s Naughty Wish.’


I let him at my tits for a few moments, holding him against me like he was my boy again.  But our relationship had changed forever that day and Jake would no longer be my darling boy again.  Now he was a man, and he was about to prove that once and for all.

“Take off your pants,” he told me, getting more assertive.

Before I answered Jake had lifted his t-shirt up over his head and taken the hair-cloth with it.  He opened his fly fully and showed me the rest of his cock, pushing down his pants until I could make out those delicious balls of his too.

“Oh, honey,” I cried, staring.

“Take off your pants,” he said again.


I pulled my blouse up over my head and unfastened my pants.  I pushed them down over my big ass, leaving only my panties to cover my modesty.  Jake stood up from the chair and walked forwards with his cock pushing out from his pants and hanging out like a drawbridge.


I hopped from my jeans and then stood before him, vulnerable.  I moved in to kiss him and then felt his hand arrive at my crotch.

My mouth opened and I croaked a moan.  His fingers pushed against the mound of sensitive flesh, awakening my clit beneath.  I felt the wetness break through and hit the crotch of my panties.

Jake put his mouth on mine now and drove his tongue deep.  It shocked me at first, but not for long.  I kissed him back, deep and passionate.  I’d waited so long to be touched like this that I didn’t care who was doing the touching.  I blamed my husband.  I couldn’t carry the weight of the responsibility on my own.  I was about to fuck my own son, for God’s sake!  Or rather, he was about to fuck me.

Jake turned me around and led me to the chair by my arm.  He really started to take charge.  He pushed me forwards and I bent at the hips, gripping the back of the chair and arching my back.

Jake rubbed at my ass, then he took down his jeans and boxer-shorts and stood naked behind me.  I wasn’t sure what he was about to do, but I braced myself for anything.

“You like me like this?” I asked.

“I’ve got one improvement,” Jake said.  He sounded like a completely different guy.  It was as though my flirtatious ways had awakened something inside him.

“What’s that?”

Without answering Jake grabbed my panties and tore them down.  I heard the fabric rip, but I didn’t give a fuck.  I let out a whimper as he rushed them down my legs and I bared everything to him.

“That’s what I want,” he said, and he rubbed his fingers up along my sodden groove.  He spread the juices along my folds, finding my clit and teasing that too.

“Oh, Jake!” I moaned.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Mom,” he said.  “I have to.”

“I want you, Jake.  Do it.  Do it.  I won’t tell.”

“You better not,” he threatened.

Fuck, it was a thrill to hear him like that.  He was finally taking command.  He was finally becoming a man, and all it took was a little bit of incest to coax it out of him.

I braced myself for his cock but instead Jake crouched behind me.  His face stared right into my pussy and ass.  I didn’t even have chance to become self-conscious before he’d lurched forwards and planted his lips on me.


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