Desperate Mothers 4-Pack : Books 13 – 16

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Desperate Mothers 4-Pack : Books 13 - 16
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

Moms who haven’t been claimed in a long time are getting what they can from the very sons closest to then.  Read as women cave and give-in, claiming their own sons in forbidden, taboo stories that’ll leave you gasping for breath.  Features books 13-16 of the Desperate Mothers series.

Includes :  ‘Mom’s On Parade,’ ‘Mom Taxi,’ ‘Fucked By My Medieval Son,’ ‘Taking My Son’s Offer.’


“You know what I have to do next, don’t you Frankie?” she said.

Frankie didn’t.  “What’s that?”

“I have to taste it.”

Frankie breathed deep and closed his eyes, wondering if he might soon wake from this dream.

Rather that crash back to reality he felt the warm breath of Annie on the head of his cock instead.  When he opened his eyes, she was still looking at him, holding her grin.

“You want to be in my mouth?” she asked, and her breath caressed Frankie as she spoke.

“Please, Annie,” he said finally.

“Good boy,” Annie told him, and she pushed her mouth right down over that thick crown of his.

Frankie let out a groan.  It was the first time his cock had ever been inside somebody.

Annie dined out on the thick pole.  The whole time her lips ran along it she kept thinking how incredible it would be to have it inside her.


She pumped her fist along the parts of Frankie that her lips couldn’t claim.  Eventually she popped her mouth off him and breathed with an open mouth, looking to Frankie and smiling at the euphoria that was cast across his face.

“Annie …” he began.

“That’s some cock, kid,” Annie said, and she pushed her hand against her crotch.  “Your Mom tells me you’re a virgin.”

Frankie was shocked by the term.  He was, of course, but few men enjoyed vocalizing the fact.  His silence spoke volumes.

“That’s okay,” Annie said, kissing at Frankie’s cock.  “We were all virgins once.”

She stood up in front of him then slipped her panties down beneath her dress.  Frankie watched them fall to the floor and a jolt of blood stiffened up his cock further.  It throbbed there, waiting for Annie’s return.  Knowing that she was naked beneath that long, flowing dress was a huge turn-on.

The two of them had been so engrossed in each other than neither one of them had heard the footsteps on the stairs.

“Annie?” came Julia’s voice.

Annie turned around, her panties at her ankles.

Julia looked beyond her and saw Frankie sat on his computer chair with his cock on full display.

“Frankie!” she cried, and once again her eyes shot to that monolith of his and refused to budge.  She was just as curious to spy it in the flesh as Annie was.

“Looks good, doesn’t he?” Annie said.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” Julia said, then she looked down and saw Annie’s panties at her feet.  “Annie!  You were going to fuck him?”

Annie put out her arms and shrugged.  “Two consenting adults, Julia.”

Frankie was in disbelief.  Hearing Annie outright say that she was about to fuck him had made him realize that his mom was really thwarting his plans.

“Yeah, mom,” he said, finding his confidence now.  “If Annie and I wanna fuck, what’s the harm.”

“Language!” Julia cried.

“You tell her, Frankie.”

“Put that away,” Julia said.

“Don’t do it, Frankie,” Annie said.  “Your momma wants to see it just as badly as I do.”

Julia noticed now that it was clearly wet.  She looked to Annie.  “You sucked it?”

Annie shrugged again.  “I wanted to see if it would fit.”

Julia paused her anger.  “Did it?”


Julia shook her head and leaned back against the doorframe.  She banged her head gently against it.

“Look,” Annie said, and she moved back to Frankie’s cock.

Julia stared, and her mouth opened to say something, but when she saw her friend envelop her son’s cock everything changed.  She watched Frankie’s eyes roll back.  She saw the fun the both of them were having and, most importantly of all, started to become turned on by the sight.

“You should try it,” Annie said, looking back and smiling.  “I won’t tell.”

“Yeah, mom,” Frankie added.  “We won’t tell.”

Annie smiled at Frankie who was now her brother-in-arms.  He was starting to get the idea.

Julia sighed.  “Everyone’s having fun around here apart from me.”

“So, join in,” Annie said, and she pointed Frankie’s cock in the direction of his mother.

Julia stared at it for a moment.  Her mind whirred with thoughts but then settled on something resembling clarity.  It wasn’t sane, but it was clear.  She wanted it.  She couldn’t deny that.  She wouldn’t deny herself that.

“Might as well keep it in the family,” she said, and she crouched to the floor alongside Annie.


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