Desperate Mothers 12-Pack : Books 1 – 12

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Desperate Mothers 12-Pack : Books 1 - 12
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

Moms who haven’t been claimed in a long time are getting what they can from the very sons closest to then.  Read as women cave and give-in, claiming their own sons in forbidden, taboo stories that’ll leave you gasping for breath.  Features books 1-12 of the Desperate Mothers series.

Includes : ‘A Close Shave,’ ‘Check-Mating,’ ‘Off Grid,’ ‘Putt It In My Ass, Boy,’ ‘Private Sale,’ ‘Soaked and Fucked By My Son,’ ‘The Handywoman,’ ‘Mommy’s Naughty Wish,’ ‘Sex With My Son In The Sauna,’ ‘Bimbo Beach,’ ‘An Audiobook Made Me Put My Son’s C In My A,’ ‘Super Moms Need C Too.’


“Can you pull the tassel?” I asked him.

I could hear Charlie swallow over the waves.  I felt his hand come to my back and then I felt the tug of him arm.  The tassel unfastened and the bikini top went slack on my breasts.  They dropped a little way but still held up impressively.  I’d never known them look so good.

“Good boy,” I told him, walking away.

I let him continue to take photographs of me as I strode back out into the water, looking back over my shoulder at him.

Charlie was looking through the lens, but every now and then he’d look over it to behold the image with his own eyes.  Mostly I’d try to stare at the camera, but I couldn’t resist taking little looks down at the big bulge in his shorts.

My confidence had never been higher, and it was inexplicable unless, of course, you believed in the power of Bimbo Beach.  I was starting to.


I moved freely with my bikini-top undone, uncaring of my exposure.  Gradually it moved and soon it was completely off my tits.  Charlie was biting at his lip as he photographed me.

“Let’s take some of you, stud,” I said eventually.

I took off my bikini top completely and threw it towards my bag that sat in the sand.  Charlie handed me back the phone.

I took a moment to scroll through, admiring the image of the busty blonde that stared back.  I’d been inhibited as a brunette.  Suddenly I felt free.

“Where do you want me?” Charlie asked.

“I can think of a few places.”

He stood out in the surf, the sun shining on his back.  The water lapped around his ankles, and he posed.

“Flex those muscles,” I told him.

Reluctantly Charlie tensed his biceps and looked at the camera.

“That’s it,” I said slowly, feeling the heat arrive in my pussy.

As I photographed him, I felt the chill of the wind on my exposed breasts.  The nipples stiffened.  I continued to take snaps of him, getting down on one knee.  Eventually I was lay completely on my back and taking photos down along my flat stomach at him.

Charlie looked down at the lens, but he had to be looking at my crotch too.  The water was splashing up over my white bikini and there wasn’t much left to the imagination.

“You should take off those shorts too,” I told him eventually.

Charlie looked around.

“Come on,” I goaded.  “There’s no-one out here.  What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” he said.  “It’s just weird, isn’t it?”

“What’s weird?”

“Getting naked in front of my Mom?”

“Nonsense!  Besides, you seemed pretty convinced I wasn’t your Mom not that long ago.”

“I dunno …”

“Is it because you’ve got an erection?” I teased, squinting up at him with a smirk.

Charlie double-taked and looked at me.  “I haven’t,” he countered.

“Doesn’t look like it from here.  Looks pretty fucking big from here.”

I took a few more snaps, zooming in on his shorts.

“Take them off,” I told him.  “I’d very much like to see what’s underneath.”

Charlie rolled his lip through his teeth and deliberated.  He took another look at my wet crotch.  I wondered if the garment had pulled in snug around my pussy.

“Please,” I asked.  “For Mommy.”


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