Desperate to Fuck My Son : Real Mothers 10

Taboo Incest Mommy Son Erotica

by Tori Westwood

What do you do when you’re horny and the only cock in the house belongs to your son?  Well, you get it hard and sit on it, that’s what.

Carl’s worried at first by his mother’s advances, but no man can deny a horny seductress, wielding her body like a weapon.  Read how she makes him hard and takes his cum inside her like the naughty housewife she is.


“Can Mommy see?” I asked.

“See what?” Carl asked, but I think he knew.  He just wanted to hear me say it.

“Can Mommy see your cock, Carl?  I want to see what you’re hiding under there.”

As I spoke my hand moved up to his crotch and I felt him for the first time.  Carl was right.  He was hard and thick and when I touched it I knew we wouldn’t be stopping there.

“It feels ready, Carl.  It feels ready for Mommy.”

He trembled with nerves but didn’t protest as my hand rubbed along his shaft.

“Would you like to put it in Mommy’s mouth?”

As the words left my lips I realized just how naughty they were, but I wanted it.  Alone in that room with Carl we could feel the tension mounting and it was about to be severed as soon as I got my answer.

“Can I have it, Carl?” I asked, desperate for him to give in.


He looked to me now, almost sorrowful as though he couldn’t quite bring himself to admit that he wanted it.

“Give it to me, honey.  I need it.”

“Can I take it out of my pants?” he asked timidly.

“Oh yes, Carl,” I gasped.  “Show Mommy that big cock of yours.”

He pulled his chair out from under the table and pushed his cereal bowl forwards as though he meant business.

“That’s right,” I said, looking down to the bulge and awaiting its reveal.

My hands were rubbing over the warm crotch of my jeans impatiently, watching as my son steeled his nerves and set about revealing that forbidden dick of his.

He unfastened his joggers slowly, fumbling a little with nerves as my excitement grew greater by the second.

I licked my lips as he popped the knot and reached tentatively inside his boxer shorts.

“Show me, Carl.  Show me that hard cock.”

He reached deep inside and pulled it out, laying it to rest above his briefs and letting it stretch up his stomach.

“My gosh!” I hushed, staring at his clean-cut cock.  It looked so fresh and young—so tasty!

“What do you think, Mom?” Carl asked, but I think he already knew the answer.

“I love it,” I said, claiming it in my hand.  As my flesh touched his he went tense, but I couldn’t just stare at it.  “It’s so big.”


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