Desperate to be Bred by Daddy : Daddy’s Creampies 21

by Tori Westwood

I finally have Daddy alone for the Summer and I plan to make the most of it.  When Mom goes away on business to Europe, Daddy and I are left to our own devices.  At nineteen the only thing I could think about was sex and day-by-day Daddy’s getting more and more appealing.

I throw myself at him time after time, but keep getting rejected.  Well this time I know he won’t deny me.  I’m wet and ready for him, and I plan on letting him come wherever he wants.  Even inside me!


Daddy pushed my knees open and I tried to relax, opening wide and showing him my sinful, virgin sex that I hoped he’d be buried inside soon enough.

“Perfect,” he said, and I bit a finger as his head approached.

I kept a careful watch, locking eyes on him and noticing the sinful glare in them as he looked upwards.  If kissing your own Daddy was naughty, then looking him in the eyes just before he ate your pussy was off the charts!

I saw his chin disappear below the soft tuft of hair that I’d sculpted, then I felt the touch of his skin on mine as he gave me a soft peck.

I tensed and gushed a breath, then very quickly he opened his mouth and gave me the full taste of his tongue, racing up my wet groove and sliding off the clit at the top.

My eyes closed fast and hard, opening quickly to look down at him.  I was immediately impatient for the next touch, becoming quickly addicted to the sensation.


I grabbed his head and pushed it down, forcing my pussy up towards him.

Daddy laughed proudly, then it became a muffled groan as my sex enveloped his face once more.  His tongue rolled up and down my loose flesh, exploring every single fold of my delicate pussy.  I’d never felt anything like it before in my life, but I was certain I wanted to feel it again.

He made out with my pussy like it was my mouth, sending his tongue on exploratory trips a little way inside my honey pot, before pulling it out and spreading my juices up the taboo petals.

He worked now at the top of my pussy, nudging out the pearly stud that he jostled left and right.  The arousal built like a rising tide and I gripped tight at the side of the lounger as the wave threatened to break and crash inside me.

Daddy’s tongue was unceasing and from his refusal to move I guessed that he was only driving towards one thing.  I couldn’t deny myself the orgasm if I tried.  The whole thing was just so sinful that it was like all of my dreams coming true at once.

My hips thrashed and I dragged them up and down, rubbing my pussy over his mouth as he licked and kissed at the virgin flesh.

I started to take quick, wild breaths over and over, gasping in the fuel I needed to stop myself from melting out of existence.

My head became light and my scalp prickled.  I started to hold my breath and concentrate on the mounting pleasure that Daddy delivered, feeling my pussy being moved in new and exciting ways.

His tongue busied at my core and I felt the first convulsion flash through me, accompanied by a grunt.

Daddy saw the signal and pushed a finger inside me, breaking the wetness over the digit that he worked quickly in and out of me.

I let out another gasping breath and my thighs began to tremble, my chest and face turning flush-red with arousal.

“I’m coming,” I whimpered, clenching my eyes closed and feeling the lips of my sex undulate on his face.


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