Degrading & Humiliating Mom 1: Punished Mom To Fuck The Dog

by Amber FoxxFire

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Mom was going to pay. She’d been an absolute cunt to me all my life and now I was going to pay her back. Every slight, every infraction, every degrading word she ever spoke to me was going to come back to her ten-fold.

And Rex was going to help me do it. Between the two of us, we were going to degrade and humiliate my 45-year-old mother and blackmail her to do my bidding. The bitch was mine.


"You want me to what?" My mother screamed at me. She was fucking livid. And I didn't blame her. I'd be extremely mad if my son just told me to drink down the dog's spit.

I smiled and pointed at Rex. "Drink. His. Spit." I commanded.

She shook with her anger. "I will do no such thing. John, you've gone too far! I brought you into this world and I can take you right out!" She started to walk past me, but I pulled out my trusty syringe, grabbed her arm and jabbed her hard with it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" She tried to fight me, but the mind-control solution injected into her veins had an instant effect.

I set aside the syringe and grabbed my mother as she swooned and nearly toppled over.

"Settle down, mom. It's just a simple mind-control solution. You'll be back to your old bitchy self in a couple hours. But for now, you're my slave to do what I want."


"Son?" She looked up at me, her soft body melting into my arms, her large, voluptuous breasts pressing against my skin. I felt my cock grow hard.

"You'll be fine, mom. And the best part? You won't remember a fucking thing!" I slapped her across the face and watched a tear well in her eye.

"Now, I think it's high time you do exactly as I told you! Drink down Rex's dog slobber!" I don't know why I wanted her to do that, but I thought it was a fitting punishment. For what? Just being a fucking cunt my entire life. She made my life a living hell and I vowed that I was going to return the favor.

She scrunched up her nose and looked back and forth between me and our German Shepherd. Still in her nightie, she crawled slowly on the floor toward the large dog, who thumped his tail on the floor excitedly.

"Like this?" She leaned her mouth into his muzzle, closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

"No mom!" I swatted her ass. "Kiss him. He's your long-lost lover whom you haven't seen in years. Go to town!"

Mom gulped and opened her lips. Rex took advantage of the situation and slipped his tongue inside mom's mouth. My cock grew.

Knowing my time was limited, I quickly slipped out of my clothes and ripped her nightie right off her, tossing it aside like it was garbage. Mom's nice-looking, older, MILF body danced into view. Her breasts stood out like sentinels and her curvaceous butt popped into my vision.

"Kiss him!" I commanded, bringing my hand down hard on her bare ass, just missing her pussy by mere inches.


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