Mom’s Helping Hands 2: Deep Tissue Massage

by Amber FoxxFire

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After her son’s first football practice, Jill offered to give her handsome, muscular, 20-year-old son a full body massage.

A FULL body massage.


"Bo, you're sore from the football game." Jill told her 20-year-old son, with concern in her eyes.

"Mom, I'll get over it. It's just some sore muscles." Bo told her, pleased with her concern, but he was a man and he was always taught that a real man takes the pain.

"Nonsense! I took massage therapy in college when I was young. So I can help you by relaxing your muscles." She said, rolling her eyes at his masculine pride.

The young man rolled his eyes, then sighed. His mother had a point and her soft, motherly hands would feel good on his flesh.

"We can go to my office and I'll give you a personal massage to help you feel better. I know you're proud, but it's a mother's duty to make sure her son has everything he needs." Jill explained to her son as she drove him to her office.

Once inside, she took him to a private room and told him to get undressed. She gave him a towel to cover himself so he wouldn't be so embarrassed.


Incense, soft music plus warm oil made him groan once her soft hands massaged his sore shoulders. He loved the feeling of his mother's touch as she worked the soreness from his muscles. She was so gentle and soft that he completely relaxed.

However, with relaxation, other urges began to stir within him as his cock came to life and he wished he had a woman with him. He didn't know how to attract a woman, nor what to do if he had one for the night.

Jill saw her son's discomfort. She leaned over and whispered in her son's ear.

"Just this once, I'll take care of your needs, son." Her voice was soft and husky, which only drove his passion higher.

"Make it good." That's all Bo wanted for his mother to do. He thought she would slip her hand under the towel, but she didn't.

"There's a right way and a wrong way to do things." She said as her lips brushed against his.


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