My Daughter’s Special Needs

by Felix Stanton

Robert is going nuts. His daughter Milly was in a bad car accident, and though she has recovered, the brain trauma has made it difficult for her to communicate in anything more one or two word sentences. Oh, the other side effect? She’s constantly horny. Worse, all her inhibitions are gone. Masturbating in the mall? Sounds good. Cute guy looks at her? Screw him… right there on the street.

Left on her own, she’d have sex with anyone that asked. So her poor father has to watch over her constantly. Keeping her from playing with herself in public, and having to hear her moans and screams of ecstasy when they are home.

He hasn’t been laid in years, so it’s extra hard to keep from doing “bad things” with his very willing daughter. The constant smell of sex in the house, the slurping sounds of fingers in wet places, it’s all just too much for him. What man could hold out for long?

Robert finally takes his horny daughter on the sofa, finding out too late she was a virgin.


Something snapped in his brain… the soft flesh in his hands, her hard little nipples burning into his palms and that sweet little voice. It was too much to take.

Rob pushed his daughter back onto the sofa, her legs flying open as she squealed, “DADDY!!” in shock. She thought he was rejecting her.

He quickly knelt between her spread legs. ‘Fuck it,’ he thought, ‘she wants it, she’ll get it.’ His heart was hammering in his chest as he lowered his face to her dripping pussy. Strong arms slipped under her thighs and lifted that sweet cunt to his mouth. His tongue drove between her thick bubblegum lips, lapping up her copious juices.


“Oh… Daddy! Yes! Lick me!” Milly cried as he gathered her cunt lips into his mouth, sucking and pulling on the fleshy flaps.  Her aroma filled his nostrils as he devoured his daughter’s pussy.

“Fuck Baby, you’re God damn delicious!” He captured her swollen clit between his lips and gave it a tug, then a suck, before smacking it back and forth with his tongue. Everything he did drew a gasp or moan from his perfect little angel.


About the Author

I’m a pretty twisted mofo. All kinds of weird shit goes on up in my dome. My girlfriend is just as kinky as I am, so we decided to put some this stuff down for you guys to read. She wants to stay behind the scenes though, so it’s just me frontin’ these wicked stories.

What do I write about? Whatever the fuck I feel like. Daddy’s and daughters, family gangbangs, dogs screwing the babysitter, who knows. Whatever gets the missus nice and gooey today.

I like my stories hot and to the point, like to get into the action quick. But I also like some good details, my imagination is pretty good, so your’s doesn’t have to be.

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