Dastardly Daddies 4-Pack Vol 13

by Amber FoxxFire

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These women all do exactly what their daddies tell them to! This is a VERY hot mix of daddy/daughter incest action. Every single one of these daughters gets exactly what they deserve from their daddies. Check it out!

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Stories Included:

- Knocked Up By My Preacher Daddy
- Daddy, Thank God You're Here!
- Wait Till Daddy Gets Home!
- Voodoo Doll - Part 1


Stories included:


- Knocked Up By My Preacher Daddy

I was so thrilled when out of the blue daddy brought me home a present. He never gives me anything. It was a gorgeous ring! At his insistence, I immediately put it on. Next thing I knew, I was obeying daddy’s every command. There was nothing I could do about it, either. I was helpless to resist.

What’s that, daddy? You want to put a baby in my belly? Since I have no will of my own, must obey.


- Daddy, Thank God You're Here!

Sensing that something really wrong was happening to my daughter, I raced to her house in the middle of the winter - at night - to find out what.

I was right! Just as I pulled up some masked men dropped from her balcony and ran away. Afraid that my 18-year-old daughter, Jessica, was hurt, I burst into her room…

…And finished what they had started.


- Wait Till Daddy Gets Home!



Tammy caught her 18-year-old daughter looking at forbidden images on the computer (oh the horror!) Not wanting this to continue, she threatened her daughter with punishment from her father.

The punishment her father had in mind, however, was quite different than the one Tammy envisioned…


- Voodoo Doll - Part 1

A Voodoo doll. Mind-controlling his innocent, virgin, 18-year-old daughter, Michelle with a Voodoo doll was not something Steve had ever dreamed he’d be doing. But once his co-worker John showed him how his own daughter could be controlled to do exactly what he wanted, Steve was hooked.

Whatever he wanted her to do. Anything. All he needed was a lock of hair.

And the doll.


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