Dared To Fuck My Sister & Her Friends

by Amber FoxxFire

I was supposed to be watching out for my 18-year-old sis and her friends as they were having a sleepover and mom and dad were on a date night.

But before I knew it, I got wrapped up in a game of Truth or Dare and the next thing I knew I was banging all four of them.


Being the elder brother I have to take care of the house sometimes, doing yard work, house sitting, and more.

So it was with a heavy heart that I was stuck at home on a Friday night instead of going out and hanging out with my friends.

To make matters worse, my 18-year-old sister and her two friends were in their room having the time of their lives and enjoying themselves.

It wasn't such a big deal, but it felt a bit bad that I wasn't having that same fun because I had to make sure she was safe.

My parents were over-protective, so even though she was 18 and perfectly capable of taking care of herself, I was the designated chaperone and house sitter for the evening.

Despite being a bit sad though, I still loved my sister quite a bit and didn't mind being around her, she was a sweet girl and she had some good friends too.


They were out in the living room enjoying themselves, a TV show in the background and my sister and them all laying about gossiping.

While I could have hid in my room and been all frumpy, I decided that I'd be social and play host. The girls weren't really the ones at fault for this, and my parents deserved a date night.

Bringing the bowl of chips in, I sat down and waved to them. They at least all liked me and were friendly, it was nice that they didn't want me as far away as possible.

I looked at the group of young women, all eighteen and nineteen years old, all in the prime of life and all were super cute.

The first was Naomi. She had long black hair, her mocha skin was so beautiful and she wore these artsy t-shirts that did not hide her large breasts that I couldn't help but notice.

Sera was even cuter, a spunky little red head with beautiful green eyes, she was short and full of energy, and while her body was petite she loved playing sports and could be a future star athlete.

The last one was named Alice, this quiet but smart blonde that despite my sister's description looked like she had a crazy side to her.

Just as I was turning to leave, my sister calls out to me, "Hey bro, how about you stay and play a game with us?" She asked, and while it sounded innocent, my big brother senses were tingling.

"Sure." I said, not letting them know that I thought something was fishy and played the gracious host.


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