Daddy’s Toy

Daddy-Daughter Rape Sex Slavery Golden Shower Incest Erotica

by Ami White

Construction work can be very boring, but knowing that my sweet daughter is tied to a bed ready for when I get home gets me through the day. I had a very special evening planned. I was going to take her virgin asshole, but then that bitch ruined it with all of her complaining. She was going to have to learn to be a better fuck toy than her mother and she was going to start learning tonight.



“I’ll tell you what Baby, because Daddy loves you so much I will use lube this first time. Doesn’t that sound good?”

I left her crying in the bedroom while I went in search of something to use as lube. I hate breaking promises to my little girl.

I finally settled on a bottle of olive oil. It was something left over from when my wife was still alive and I think it was mostly for decoration, but the thin nozzle was perfect for getting the oil in my baby’s ass.

She had stopped shaking by the time I returned.

I got on the bed behind her upturned ass. I poured just a drop of the oil on my fingers and used it to cover the silver nozzle the bottle. Then I slipped the thin spout into my little girl’s asshole.


“You and Daddy are going to share something special,” I said as I watched the bubble rising in the oil bottle. “It is a very special thing when a man puts his cock in a woman’s ass. You and I are going to be closer than ever before.”

I pulled the bottle free.


About the Author

Hi! My name is Ami White and I write naughty, sexy stories for Snowflake Press. I hope you enjoy my taboo stories.

See you between the sheets…

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