Daddy’s Tempting Treat

by Trisha Treat

Book Cover: Daddy's Tempting Treat

Kelly and Alicia decide to play a game to make their summer break from college more fun- see who can tempt their Daddy into fucking them first! Kelly knows she can easily win this game, and she was right- Daddy and his TEMPTED COCK can't fight the urge to fuck, and before long, Kelly is moaning victoriously under Daddy's BIG COCK!


I giggled and took a sip of my juice. "You know it, Daddy! I've worked way too hard over the last semester; I need the break sooo bad." I let those last words roll off my tongue seductively, as I stretched my back and jutted my chest out. Just then, as I went to bring the juice to my lips, I let my glass slip a little and orange juice spilled, dripping down into my cleavage and over my breasts.

"Oh no!" I cried out, as the sticky juice dripped.

Daddy grabbed a napkin and began dabbing at my chest, mopping the spilled juice off of my tits. Daddy smiled, as he had a reason to be groping me and I could tell he was enjoying it. He stared directly at my tits as he cleaned me up, and I sat still like a perfect little princess for him.


"Thanks, Daddy!" I said. I gave a little shake, making my tits jiggle for his amusement. "But look, there is orange stain all over my white suit! It's ruined! I have to change now!" I said, in a fake pouty voice.

"You can probably just run it under some water, sweetheart. It's not ruined. Just get the stain out before it sets."

I heaved a sigh. "Ok, then."

I was still sitting on the kitchen counter, and Daddy was still standing right in front of me. I reached behind my back and pulled the string holding my top on. The knot easily came undone, and my top fell away, letting my perfect tits bounce out, practically in Daddy's face. My nipples were already hard from Daddy's touch as he was cleaning me off, and I watched as his mouth fell open at the sight. I wiggled off the counter, causing my perky breasts to bounce about.

"Holy fuck," I heard Daddy mutter, just barely audible. I could see the outline of his hard cock begging to be freed. This was even easier than I thought.

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About the Author

Hi, I'm Trisha!

I have always believed in the pursuit of pleasure, and my intent is to write stories that will help you do just that. I'm not afraid to write about the forbidden side of sex - those erotic fantasies that are utterly unacceptable but oh- so- persistent when you try to sleep at night.

Go ahead and indulge - get lost in my world of carnal lust and incestuous eroticism.

I hope my stories will help relieve a little pressure, and serve as a reminder that you're not the only one that lusts for the forbidden fruits 😉

Thanks for reading.

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