Daddy’s Spa Day Facial : Pregnant Lust 23

by Millie King

Book Cover: Daddy’s Spa Day Facial : Pregnant Lust 23
Part of the Pregnant Lust series:

The more pregnant I become the more insistent Daddy is on lavishing me with gifts, treats and compliments.  Mom starts to get jealous but I’m not complaining.

Each time he spoils me I feel my love for him grow, to the point where it’s becoming taboo.  Thanks to the pregnancy I have the urge to act on my feelings, but I know it’s wrong.  When Daddy treats me to my very own at-home spa-day all bets are off.  I can’t hold it in much longer.  Take my pregnant body and make it yours, Daddy, then cover my face with your love!


“That’s so good,” I groaned, closing my eyes and nestling my neck against the rim of the tub.

“It looks it,” Daddy said.

He crouched at the top of the bath and his hand pinched slowly at my shoulders, easing out the tightness across them.

“So good,” I mewled.

His hands pushed underneath the water and he toyed with my tits again, parting the bubbles until the stiff nipples appeared beneath the water.

“Missing them?” I giggled.

“And the rest.”

“You’re spoiling me.  It’s about time I spoiled you?”

“Is that so?”

I looked back to him.  “Take out your cock.”


I nodded.  “I want to suck it.”

Daddy’s pace suddenly quickened.  He scrambled the belt through the loops and pulled the buttons of his fly open.


Before I knew it I was watching his thick cock burst out over the top of his boxer-shorts, hanging on his waist and looking magnificent.  It was almost surreal to see such a beautiful, engorged cock and then look up to see the face of my Daddy.

“Come around here,” I said, patting the edge of the tub beside me.

Daddy moved round so that I didn’t have to strain to drink him in.  His cock bobbed there as the blood beat into it.  Daddy kept his hands at his side.  It looked as though he really wanted to touch himself.

“May I?” I asked, raising a wet hand and letting it linger close to him.

“I insist.”

My hand gripped him slowly and I grinned wide as Daddy put his hands behind his back and took a breath.  It was as though he was using every ounce of his resolve to not burst right then and there.  I knew exactly how he felt.  Fucking someone was already a huge turn-on, but fucking someone related to you just gave it this added, unforeseen edge.  It was as though the novelty and taboo nature of it all was enough to make a person climax before it had even begun.

Steadily I jerked my warm, wet hand along him, looking up to his face to enjoy the effect I had on him.  He started to groan and I heard noises escape him that I never thought I’d hear.  It was pure, unadulterated pleasure.  The closest I’d heard him come to that was when he’d take a sip of beer after a long day.

“Am I doing good?” I asked.

“Very good,” he said.  “You’re doing very good, Julia.”

He looked down now and watched as my hand moved steadily over him, sliding over the bulbous crown and then moving down the shaft.

I started to tickle his balls and I brought my mouth closer to him, staring down my nose and watching the barrel of flesh bounce as the blood pumped into it.

“Suck me,” he said.

I didn’t need a second invitation.  I didn’t even need the first.  If he’d have stayed quite I’d have put that thing in my mouth anyway.

I opened my lips wide and pushed them over the tip, feeling the arousal rush into me and realizing instantly that we could never undo the act.  We were sinners, good and true.  Now it was a just a question of how far we were willing to go.


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