Daddy’s Slumber Party Sluts

by Amber FoxxFire

The three of us 18-year-old girls threw a slumber-party to celebrate the end of summer. We were all starting college next semester and wanted to have a little fun before sticking our noses in our books.

I first noticed something was amiss when dad stared lustily at my best friend, Jen. She was hot, I’ll grant that. But watching my father lust after my best friend made me wet.


I know it was a bit odd, but it was the last day before the semester started. The three of us 18-year-olds, me, Tina and Jennifer decided to have an impromptu slumber party to celebrate the end of an era.

We just didn't know that it was going to turn daddy into a raving sex-maniac.

I could tell by the way daddy looked over Jen's stunning, nearly-naked body when he answered the door that something was going to go down.

I'd had fantasies about daddy for a long time - what girl hadn't? But I'd never acted on them as I wasn't sure that he'd even be interested.

Tina giggled and whispered something to Jen when daddy finally tore his eyes off my best friend. For some reason, knowing that daddy was hot for her made me uncomfortably wet.

"What?" I sidled over to them.

"Did you see the way your father ogled Jen?" They both giggled for several minutes. "I will say that he's hot -" she turned to me, suddenly serious. "No offense."


I waved her concern away. "No, no. You're right. He IS hot. And, yes, he looked at her like she was some kind of piece of meat or something. Kind of made me weak at the knees."


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