Daddy’s Sick But I Want His Dick : Daddy’s Creampies 11

by Tori Westwood

I was only supposed to walk in and check on him, but presented with the sight of Daddy all tired and vulnerable seemed to excite something in me.  I’ve never seen a hard cock in the flesh before and I suddenly find myself curious.  Daddy doesn’t seem to mind me reaching beneath the sheets and he cares even less when I put my lips around it.  Now I’m squatting over it and about to thrust it into my virgin pussy.  Read how I take his cum inside me!


“Let me take a look at you,” Daddy said, and then he threw the duvet off my body and exposed me.

I slid my foot down the opposite calf and nervously awaited his inspection.  He lay close to me again and held my face in his hand, kissing my lips and tasting the spit on them that he’d fucked from me.

His face moved down my body now and he began to kiss at my chest, quickly finding my nipples and sucking them into his mouth.

I closed my eyes and held him to my tits, feeling my pussy ache and send a shot of juices lunging forwards as I began to melt for him.

He rolled his tongue around the stiffening node and popped his lips off it, leaving it taut and standing to attention.  My fingers pushed through his hair but Daddy continued his descent, kissing across my flat stomach and teasing a pointed tongue around my navel.


For the moment I kept my legs closed but soon Daddy’s hands were pushing my knees open.  I felt his breath against the small tuft of hair that I’d left at the top of my slit, then I felt his tongue begin to circle at my clit.

“Such a cute, little pussy,” Daddy said, pushing my knees wide.  I began to relent when I realized how good it was, and my entire sex was bared to him in an instant.

My lips were held together by the juices that ran between them, but Daddy quickly parted them with a finger and thumb and slid his tongue through the opening.  It felt incredible against my pussy—way better than my fingers—and in no time he was pushing it into the tight O that was begging for attention.

“Oh, Daddy,” I whimpered, struggling to process the new sensation.  “That’s—oh fuck, that’s good.”

He clasped his whole mouth over my pussy now and between his lips his tongue surfed over my sex, racing up and teasing at my stiffening clitoris and sending quick jolts of bliss surging through me.

I took in a deep breath and squeezed my tits, oozing a new-found sexuality that Daddy had awakened in me.

“This is where I’m gonna come,” Daddy said, talking into my pussy as he teased a digit through my wet lips.

His finger felt big inside me and I wondered if I’d be able to take his cock.  It hadn’t yet registered that he meant to come in my pussy, as though the ecstasy had deafened me.

Daddy sucked my loose, sinful flesh into his mouth and rolled it between his lips, quickly making my pulse race as the orgasm built inside me.


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