Daddy’s Pregnant Lust 4-Pack : Books 21 – 24

by Millie King

Book Cover: Daddy’s Pregnant Lust 4-Pack : Books 21 - 24
Part of the Pregnant Lust series:

Pregnant daughters bursting with lust for their Daddies feature in this 4-pack erotica bundle.  Read as their cravings get the best of them and they submit to their alpha Daddies in wild style, begging to be filled and satisfied like never before.

Includes books 21 – 24 of the Pregnant Lust series : ‘Stop Or I’ll Make My Daddy Shoot,’ ‘Going Down By The Riverside With Daddy,’ ‘Daddy’s Spa Day Facial’ and ‘Daddy’s Tight Fit.’


“What if someone comes back?” Jane asked.

“Nobody’s coming in here until one of us walks out.  They ain’t stupid.”

“Maybe it’s just me that is then.”

“You ain’t stupid,” Bill said.  He touched his thumb to her chin and lifted her head.  “Smartest thing you did was getting away.”

“Dumb enough to come back.”

“I’d call it curiosity.”

He kissed her again as he unfastened more of her buttons, working his big hands inside her shirt and squeezing at the ripe breasts that he found within.

“You’ll get me in trouble,” Jane said.

“You’ve been in trouble since the day you were born.  I been trying to get you out of it ever since.”

He pushed off her hat and drove his fingers up through her hair behind her head, piercing her blond locks and tickling at her scalp.

“Mmmm,” Jane mewled.  “I’ve missed that.”


Bill put his other hand on her stomach and then moved it up to her tits, squeezing her as though he was trying to milk her nipple.

Jane gasped against his open mouth, plunging her tongue deep inside and committing to the incestuous nature of it all.  She figured she was gonna burn in hell for the things she’d done anyway, might as well have a little bit of fun beforehand.

Her hands found his muscled chest and she ran them over him, mapping out the contours of his six-foot-five frame.  If everything else was in proportion then Jane would be in for quite the treat.

“Take off your shirt,” Bill said.  “Then get on your knees.”

Jane did as commanded immediately.  At times it felt as though he had direct control over her movements and that she was merely a puppet on his strings.

She pulled back the shirt from her shoulders and Bill’s eyes sparkled as he saw her charms, sitting round and inviting above her swollen belly.

“I’ve missed those,” he said.

Jane smiled demurely and folder her shirt over the back of the chair.  She got to her knees slowly, leaving her boots and pants on.

“I think you’re finally ready,” Bill said.

“Open up and show me.”

“Readier than I thought.”

Jane stared ahead at the swollen bulge in his pants.  “Less talk.”

Bill tugged open his belt with quick, rough movements.  His daughter could feel her pussy swelling with arousal, preparing itself for what she reckoned was to come.

“Pull out that big, mature cock for me,” Jane groaned.

She rubbed her hands over her thighs excitedly, rocking ever-so-slightly.  She’d wanted this for so long that she could scarcely believe it was happening.

Her Daddy popped the buttons of his pants slowly, looking at Jane’s pupils fatten wider each time.  Soon she could see the whites of his underwear and suddenly he thrust his pants down with them, presenting his thickness to her for approval.

Jane swooned in delight, watching his cock bounce before her.  It surged out from the thick hair at its base, adorned with veins that coursed towards the bulbous, inviting tip.

“I want it, Daddy,” Jane said, shuffling forward on her knees.

“I didn’t get it out for you to stare at,” he said, putting his hand around the hilt and shaking it.


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Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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