Daddy’s Milky Cocktail : Daddy’s Milk 10

Hucow Lactation Taboo Erotica

by Tori Westwood

Me and Daddy are relaxing by the pool at our private Caribbean villa when I he decides to make a cocktail.  Pina Coladas seem only right, but we're completely out of cream!  Daddy has an idea and soon he's coaxing the milk from my bounteous breasts!  I can't believe what's happening, and it doesn't end there!


“Can I?” Daddy asked, moving slowly forward with a hand.

“Knock yourself out!” I said with glee, marveling at my body’s prowess.

Daddy sucked my nipple in to his mouth and my eyes closed to accentuate the sensation, feeling him feed from me like he were a child again as I gave him my nourishing milk.

I cradled his head to my chest and my pussy began to gush with juices as he suckled from me.  There was something so euphoric about the sensation of Daddy on my nipple that I just had to accompany it with something sexual.  It was like steak without fries.  The two just had to go together.

As Daddy gulped down my nectar my hand moved instinctively to my pussy and I began to massage over it, feeling its warmth beneath my panties and letting it know that it would have its moment soon.

Daddy came off my breast and looked to my hand, watching as I toyed with my slit beneath my bikini bottoms.


“Are we doing that too?” he said, looking at me with a smirk.

“I can’t have you sucking my tits without a little extra stimulus, can I?”

Daddy laughed.  “Does that go for me too?” he said and I followed his hand to his shorts.

It was more than obvious that his cock was stiff below the fabric, punching out from his crotch as he rubbed along his thick, sizeable length.

“What have we got here?” I asked as I squeezed my chest.  I reached out for it and Daddy moved his hand, looking down as my fingers danced along the protrusion.

“It’s all yours,” he said, letting his hands fall to the side.

I crouched to the floor in no time, unfastening the laces of his shorts and dragging them down his legs.  The great thing about Daddy’s skimpy swimming-trunks was that there was only one layer to remove.

The sight of his stiff, veined cock shocked me.  There nothing wrong with it, far from it, but it isn’t every day you see your own Daddy’s hard dick.  I took a moment to compose myself.  It’s just like every other cock, I said internally, coaching myself through the new experience.

I wrapped my hand around it and took a deep breath, staring down the barrel and opening my mouth wide to kiss lovingly over the bulbous crown.

Daddy let out a sigh as my wet mouth touched his flesh and soon I was driving him to the back of my throat and playing with my tits.

It got so that they only needed the slightest provocation to produce milk and I quickly set about squirting it over his dick and licking off my nectar with my mouth and tongue.

“You’re wild, honey!” Daddy laughed, looking down as I squirted spirals of milk all over his cock and balls.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I said and began to put on a real show.

I put my tits around his cock and held them tight at either side, then I began to shake my breasts over his cock, jerking him in my cleavage and spilling my ambrosia absolutely everywhere.

It was flowing in crazy torrents now, washing down my chest and falling to the floor like magic but Daddy and I just couldn’t get enough.

I put his cock back in my mouth and tongued around it like an ice-pop, licking off the droplets of milk that still clung to it and rolling them around my mouth.


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