Daddy’s Milking Subject: Daddy’s Cream 19

by Millie King

Book Cover: Daddy's Milking Subject: Daddy’s Cream 19
Part of the Daddy's Cream series:

When Daddy asked me to help with one of his private classes I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.  Now I’m up on stage and Daddy’s preparing to milk me in front of a room full of guys!

Read how he talks them through it and shows me the joys of lactation in the process.  It’s so damn naughty that I just have to service him afterwards!


“That was certainly an experience,” I said, and I made a grab for my bra.

Daddy quickly flashed out a hand and gripped my wrist, holding it in place and looking into my eyes.

“Don’t put that on just yet,” he said.  “By now I imagine you must be feeling … aroused.”

I blushed and looked down nervously.

“It just so happens that it had an effect on me too,” he said.

I looked at him curiously.  He motioned down his body and I followed his eyes, seeing the huge bulge at his suit pants and quickly averting my gaze.

“Maybe there’s some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement we can come to.”

“That sounds dangerous,” I said, not completely opposed to the idea.

Daddy moved silently across the room and closed the door, locking it in place and pulling down the blind that covered the window.

“A little less dangerous now,” he said, walking across the room towards me.


He put himself in between my legs and lifted my chin, kissing me tenderly on the lips.

I closed my eyes to the sinful embrace, relishing the sensation of his tongue as it started to explore my mouth.  We jostled together as our breaths rose and soon I was hugging him onto me, wandering my hands up and down his back and imagining undressing him.

Daddy kissed down quickly off my face, pecking my neck before going straight to my chest.  I leant back on the table and let him have his fill.  His mouth quickly clasped over my nipples and I started to giggle as I felt the nectar flow again from my tits when he sucked them.

He fed from me hungrily, swallowing down the ambrosia and massaging my tits in the process.  He started to unbutton his shirt and pull it out from his trousers, throwing it over his shoulders until I could see that big, manly chest of his.

He took a step back and undressed, wiping at his milk-laced mouth and starting to unclasp his belt.

“Let me do that, Daddy,” I said, stepping forward off the table and getting to my knees.

He froze and looked down as I took control.  My fingers popped the button of his waist and I unzipped him, letting the trousers fall to the floor and then rubbing at his thighs.

“Damn,” I gasped, staring forward at the huge bulge before looking up at him.

Daddy was watching on expectantly.  Not one to disappoint I quickly pushed my fingers down into his boxer-briefs and dragged them down his leg, moaning in delight when his huge dick burst out and hung in front of me.

I took it in my grasp and listened to Daddy let out a satisfied grunt above me.  I pulled his dick in my fist and brought my face closer to him, preparing myself to shatter the taboo completely.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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