Daddy’s Li’l Cum Dump

by Jade Summers

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I know I should feel bad but I don't. I want to fuck my daughter. I want to fill every single one of her holes with my cock and I want to see my cum all over her. She's eighteen now and she's fertile, and I've found just the thing that will allow me to get what I want. I'm going to hypnotize her and fill her up with my cum, then spray it all over her.


After I finish shooting my load, my daughter looks up at me and smiles. "It's a little messy, Daddy," she says as she looks down at the cum that has dripped onto my still semi-hard cock.

“It is, honey. Why don’t you clean that up for me."

I watch as my daughter dips her head back down and licks every last drop of cum off of my cock. She is staring into my eyes while she licks it all up, and by the time she's done I'm already hard again.

“Lay back, sweetie. I've got something else for you."

She lays back on the couch and spread her legs wide. "Is it going to go in here?" she asks as she spreads her pussy lips apart for me.

"Yes, it's going to go right in there.”

I get on my knees in between my daughter's spread legs and run the head of my cock up and down her glistening pussy. She is still holding the lips open wide for me and I immediately push my cock head right into my daughter’s wet, virgin pussy hole.


"Oh Daddy! You feel so good!" she squeals as I pump my cock in and out of her tight little hole. I watch her breasts bounce up and down as I plow into my daughter's tight, little pussy. It is so incredibly tight that I feel like my cock is about to pop.


About the Author

I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

Jade Summers

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