Daddy’s In Charge

by Sasha Cream

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It happened swiftly. Testing my boundaries as a newly-minted 18-year-old, I pushed my daddy too far. Walking past his room with nothing on, he ordered me inside, shut and locked the door then proceeded to punish me for my insolence.

Punishment that included more than just spanking.



I'll admit it, I was being a bit of a brat. Just 18 and feeling my oats, I'd been testing daddy. Trying to see where my new adult limits were. Could I stay up all night if I wanted? What about blasting loud music or coming in at 3AM drunk out of my gourd?

But I was testing my daddy in ways I'd never done before. Like strutting around the house in nothing but a flimsy bra and panties, watching his eyes to see if he noticed my shapely form and large bosom. Of course, he did. That was to be expected.

Over the weeks I watched him as he struggled to keep his composure. His fuse was getting shorter and shorter. It wasn't until I walked by his bedroom as he was getting ready for bed completely naked did he finally snap.

And boy did he snap!

"Young lady, just what the hell do you think you're doing?" He growled, stopping me cold in my tracks. Daddy had never talked to me that way and my heart froze when I realized I had just crossed his line.


"Uh...nothing daddy..." I shivered, not knowing what to say. I knew this day was coming, but I still wasn't prepared.

"Come here!"

My feet betrayed me and within moments I found myself standing bare-ass naked in front of my red-faced daddy. Again I shivered as this time he eyed me up and down like I was a side of beef.

"Why are you naked?" He asked simply, sweat starting to bead on his forehead.

I looked down and around the room, everywhere but his gaze. "I...uh...was just getting ready to step in the shower and I thought..."

He slapped me. "You thought wrong! You thought you could tempt and tease your daddy with no consequences. Didn't you?" His voice rose at the last words.

A tear escaped my eyes and raced down my cheek, falling off when I nodded.

"I can't hear you!" He bellowed.


About the Author

I absolutely LOVE to write dirty, naughty stories about daddies and their daughters. And now I can share them all with you!

I've been writing pretty much my entire life - ever since I can remember, anyway. These filthy stories have been kicking around my brain for ages. And now I can bring them to you (and corrupt your mind!) Ha, I keed.

I'll be adding to my hot collection often, so be sure to check back soon and don't forget to hit that subscribe button to be notified of my latest!

Anyway, I look forward to bringing you the hottest daddy/daughter stories I can.


- Sasha

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