Daddy’s Home

by Angela Cream

My stepdad has been in jail for drunk driving for a whole month, leaving me home alone. He's due to come home tomorrow, and I am planning to enjoy myself one last time this evening by sitting around wearing nothing but my undies, watching my favorite porn videos,and masturbating all over the house. Unexpectedly, Daddy came home a day early, and he is ready to celebrate his freedom when he finds me enjoying myself on the couch with my hands between my legs.


I ran my finger up and down my slit, wanting to prolong the pleasure and tease myself a little bit. There was something so naughty about masturbating on the couch of my stepdad's house while he wasn't here. For the last two months I'd the place to myself, and I had walked around naked and fingered myself everywhere that he normally sat. I thought about him being here tomorrow and sitting in a pile of my dried pussy juice, wondering if he'd be able to smell it on his sheets when he went to bed. I hoped he would, and I hoped it would drive him crazy.


I leaned back and closed my eyes, no longer needing to watch the video. I was playing my own video in my mind as I circled my finger over my achy, swollen clit, picturing an older man's tongue devouring my young, fresh pussy. My mouth was open slightly; my eyes closed, as I rubbed myself almost to the brink, then backed off, giving myself a break to prolong the release. I wanted to play with myself all evening. I let my middle finger linger over my puckered asshole, spreading my pussy cream over that hole too and rubbing the sensitive area gently. My other hand wandered over my breasts, squeezing and tugging at my nipples.

I slid the fingers of my other hand easily into my tight channel, moving them in and out slowly at first, but unable to stop myself from gaining speed. My hips bucked up off the couch as I finger fucked myself with wild abandon. My whole body was so hot, my cheeks flushed. I was so close.

I heard the door open, and suddenly felt a cool draft blowing over my naked body through the open door.

Then I heard my stepdad's voice. "What the fuck?"


About the Author

Hey, I'm Angela, and I am here to give you all the forbidden stories that you hope you never get caught'll be our secret! <3

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