Me And Daddy’s Forbidden Milking : Daddy’s Milk 12

Lactation Taboo Incest Erotica

by Tori Westwood

I'd signed up to be a star of a breast-milking website for some extra money but when I get there I'm in for a shock as I lay blindfolded on the table ready to be drained.  I enjoy the sensation of a beautiful milking, but when my co-star turns out to be my own father I'm more than a little shocked.

The next scene calls for some hardcore sex but we don't want to let the crew know we're family.  Instead, Daddy and I keep up the ruse and he claims be in a bout of lactation erotica that sees him finish all over my face as the crew look on!



With my eyes shut I could feel them working their way in to position, clambering under the table and arcing their head up towards my big, full tits.

The milking part of the deal was something I'd been able to achieve with only a few days stimulation.  I guess my breasts were quicker to adapt than others because I had them dispensing milk in no time.  The guys had given me a website with instructions but were surprised when I got back to them so quickly.  I guess I was really keen for this money!

As soon as the lips latched on to me I could tell it was a guy beneath me.  I guess it kind of had to be for the last scene, although I did tell them I wasn't averse to some girl-on-girl if they wanted.

I closed my eyes as my tits were massaged in to my co-stars mouth, feeling my milk begin to drip from me in double-quick time, as though my tits knew it was their day to perform.


He mouthed over me with wild abandon, letting them hang at intervals and dragging his hands over them like they were two huge udders, lapping up the dispensing cream and coming back hungry for more each time.

With my eyes closed and overwhelmed by the serene sensation I damn-near fell asleep, but the juices flowing in my pussy were keeping me alert, and the thought of tackling the man beneath me was driving me wild.

He sucked ferociously as all around us the crew watched.  At times I'd forget they were there and I'd let out soft moans that goaded my assailant on, enchanted by his stubble as it grazed over my nipple.

He bit and squeezed at my bountiful tits, sending long jets of my milk coursing past his lips.  I could hear the squirt of cream hitting liquid as he held it in his mouth, swallowing it gladly and returning for more as my nourishing udders fed him.

This went on for some twenty minutes before the director yelled cut, and I rose from the makeshift table, eager for the next scene.

I jumped down to see the back of my pleaser as he talked to the director, and I was excited to see he was already completely naked.

He had a large tanned back and black hair and looked quite muscly.  He was clearly one of the more attractive older guys and I couldn't wait to take his cock inside me.

As I bit my lip at the thought my co-star span around, and it was then that my whole world dropped out from underneath me.

I was stunned.  Words failed me and I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't say a word.  What the hell would you say if you'd just had your tits drained by your own father?


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